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Mar 12, 2012


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Dave Ribar

When a mommy commissioner and a daddy commissioner love each other very, very much in a very special way, they come together to form a bunch of idiots (or so the nuns told me).

Billy Jones

More babies equals more conservatives-- 'tis the way of every fundemental religious group in histoty. They can say anything they like but when white conservatives find themselves deep enough into minority status they'll start calling for pologomy just like they did before.

Where's my spell check?


I'm glad Commissioner Davis understands that a man has no responsibility when a woman gets pregnant.

Damn irresponsible women getting pregnant all by themselves.


And the New Hanover County Commission has been going off the rails for months:


Or google "New Hanover Commissioner Brian Berger"

Must be in the water.

Billy Jones

runoff from up stream...


'If you don't take our free stuff, you're stupid'...'If you do take our free stuff, you must accept our morality'

Kudos to them for rejecting free stuff and standing with their morality.


Their morality or their duty to serve the public's interest?

Account Deleted

It would be interesting to see someone break down the grant expenditure. I'm curious to know how much of the grant would go for advice and education and how much to handing out contraceptives?

Also, it never ceases to amaze me how we come up with evil buzz words to motivate the base each and every season. I'm certain that taking such a major stand on a $9,000 grant will impact the entire course of government and save the taxpayer from ruin!

Jim Langer

Hope these guys and their friends and family buy the contraceptives for their own daughters, if they have them. But, as was said, maybe they want the "oops" factor in their favor.

Then again, let's get working on those male contraceptives. The preferred conservative deterrent is Daddy's shotgun, no?

I thought the preachers were supposed to have made prescriptions and condoms unnecessary by the power of persuasion. Guess that old time religion just isn't strong enough versus nature's instincts. Teens don't seem to get the idea that early motherhood (and fatherhood) leads directly to poverty. May be something to do with their yet unformed frontal cortex.

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