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Mar 07, 2012


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I propose that we start a fund to send Guarino, bubba, and poli to Oklahoma. Last night's victory for Rick Santorum, combined with the "Reddest of Red States" drubbing of Obama in 2008 leads me to believe that Oklahoma is a Conservative's Shangri-La. I just think they'd be happy out there, and I go out of my way to make people happy, especially those who are mad. While liberals, and perhaps even Moderates, will always have Boulder, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Telluride, Berkeley, Eugene, Santa Fe, Austin, etc. etc. etc., conservatives will always have Tulsa, Edmond, Muskogee, Jenks, Sulphur, and Wilburton - all in Oklahoma. Granted, the Ozarks aren't nearly as impressive or as nice as North Carolina's High Country, but hey, you're close enough to the Rockies and places like Boone and Asheville are dens of sin. As for the absence of beaches, meh, all you're missing is a bunch of women walking around and tanning in bathing suits, and that's bad and wrong.

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