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Mar 28, 2012


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Sorry Martha, their club, their rules.

Andrew Brod

Absolutely. But at some point, they may have to decide how much they really value this Masters thing.

Ed Cone

She's not the one pushing -- in fact, nobody seems to pushing, at least in public.

The tension comes from the club's own competing traditions of all-male membership and honoring the CEO of IBM.

Women are crashing the old boy's club of corporate leadership. It makes sense that this will bring changes to the literal old boys club in Augusta.


My jab at Martha, I'm sure it will happen but I wouldn't hold my breath with that membership any time soon.

I don't think I've ever tuned in on Sunday worried about it though.


I don't understand why the "men's only" thing has ever been an issue at all for a private golf club.

Ed Cone

I think the issues have come up when there's clearly more than golf and male bonding going on, and there's a sense that the private club is somehow enjoying benefits bestowed by a broader public.

The current situation at Augusta National could be interesting along those lines.

Again, there doesn't seem to be a public debate. The tension is all about conflicts between the club's own policies.

But say that the club decides that the CEO of IBM cannot follow her predecessors -- maybe IBM shareholders feel they don't like having their leader cut out of the loop, or their funds supporting the event. It could get ugly in a hurry.

Andrew Brod

And that was kinda my point, though on a smaller scale.

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