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Mar 18, 2012


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Account Deleted

Jay Bilas on Twitter says Kendall Marshall broke his right hand during the game.


Wrist. It's his off hand, so if it can be immobilized sufficiently, there's a chance he can keep playing. I'm not hopeful.

Account Deleted

Yea when he was knocked to the floor driving the lane I had flashbacks of Kenny Smith in 1984.


30 minutes of shear joy and talk of New Orleans lore just dashed!
We looked damn good tonight. Team Lehigh got a standing O from the Faithful.


Butta's father posted on Facebook that he's having surgery tomorrow - could play Friday. Not sure what to think.

Fred Gregory

Damn.. Double Damn.

The Injury Gods are out for us. I guess they got that ABC fever

Mad Dog


My better half said I was pulling hard for State but maybe pulling harder against Georgetown!

Go Heels!


Andrew Brod

Four teams left from the Big Ten/Eleven/Ohforgetit.

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