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Feb 24, 2012


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From the perspective of centralization as a way to co-opt local efforts this is a good example.

Losing local control in this case through zoning law creation is where charges of big brotherism can grow and be accurate.

I hope this at least gets a court challenge, at any rate.

Billy Jones

I hear there's gas right next door to Bubba, Polifrog and FredG. Let the fracking begin!

Fred Gregory

Let the fracking begin.. Governor Bev Perdue

Rush Limbaugh discussed Gov. Bev Perdue's apparent support of fracking, calling her action the equivalent of "showing Dracula the cross."
The Dracula in this scenario are liberal groups and environmentalists. A coalition of environmental groups issued a statement Thursday saying, "Perdue should be ashamed ashamed of her ill-conceived secret visit to Pennsylvania only to tour gas extraction operations, as well as her recent statements to the media that 'fracking can be done safely' and that it can 'help America and North Carolina be globally competitive.'"

Heh !

Fred Gregory

Hey are you anti-fracking zealots unaware of your Guv's comment that it's OK

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