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Jan 18, 2012


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Billy Jones

they won't get me back on the couch...

Bill Yaner

That's right, Billy, the genie's out of the bottle. "We won't get fooled again!"

Good explanation in this video, though I'm still wondering how you serve that order to appear in court to a 16 year old in Kazakstan, then get him over here to present his evidence. In an age where the pirate sites are popping up globally and exponentially, can we really be wheeling Perry Mason in there each time to carefully weigh the evidence pro and con?


the opposite choice is just as damning, bill. this issue needs real study without crippling the internet, liberty, creativity and commerce in the meanwhile...

Bill B.

James Kwak: clear, simple, congresscritter comprehendable


Ed Cone

BY, they don't go after the Kazakh, they go after US sites...read the Kwak post, linked just above.


Exactly, Ed. How can they? The United States cannot police the world, all they can do is censor our access to it.

Bill Yaner

Okay, Ed. So what you're saying is that this legislation was never about getting a handle on international piracy, but control of the domestic highway in order to make sure the toll booths are catching all the traffic.

As one who grew up in NJ, I know all about toll booths.

It's about the money.


^ +1

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