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Jan 13, 2012


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Ernie McCracken

I believe that Sal Leone is running for the same seat. If so, Justin Conrad faces a monumental, uphill battle.


I just wish they didn't make the slaw with Miracle Whip.


I like Miracle Whip. I has a tang that mayo does not have......


You may have a tang, but salad dressing grosses me out.


I guess he needs to better explain the restaurant tax thing.


I too enjoy slaw with Miracle Whip. I prefer a club sandwich made with it too.

Justin seems like a solid prospect.

Billy Jones

Duke's Mayonnaise for me, made right here in the Carolinas from the same original recipe invented by Grandma Duke-- the hell with that imported crap.


Miracle Whip, imported from Illinois?

My wife likes Dukes, so it averages out........

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