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Dec 13, 2011


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Before this gets derailed into ad hominem land, I'd like to know what our local fracophiles think about that eminent domain condemnation power thingie.

Bill Yaner

The mining interests will always win. Eminent domain will just make it all run smoother and move the little guys out of the way faster. Is there really any doubt how this drama is going to continue to play out?

Reminds me of a wonderful though dark Robert Altman movie called "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", with Warren Beatty and the true love of my younger years (though sadly, she never knew), Julie Christie. The town decided to say no to the mining interests, but found out that its just not nice to stand in the way of corporate profits.

Then as now, and so it will be forever and ever, amen.

P.S. Okay, one notable exception as detailed by Ken Burns: the incredible and determined men who fought hard to build our nation's system of national parks - and won!! They were the 1 per percenters of their time but had a higher calling to their lives than the endless accumulation of personal wealth.

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