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Nov 09, 2011


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"Here in Greensboro, voters clearly didn't buy the savings-at-any-cost justification for the White Street plan" - adding to that is that the whole process smelled from the outset, as later confirmed by revelations of vote switches and vendor contributions aka pay for play.


The only trend I see is there are neither clear nor simple solutions to complex issues. So instead we have been offered 1 size fits all solutions to problems that don't address our primary concerns but rather target a philosophical debate whether it be MS's personhood, OH's union or ME's voter registration ballots. It's avoiding the core issues because we don't like the medicine. Very discouraging no courage only talking points.

Fred Gregory

Virginia ! Kinda big.


What was it the Clinton campaign said to itself in 1992?

"it's the economy, stupid"

David Boyd

I thought most of those results were a good sign. Just because the voters want change doesn't mean that they'll accept just any change.


Tough to generalize about voters, but I do think people are clued in to the fact that both parties are exploiting our economic woes to push their pet agendas with voters, rather than attacking that problem head on.


The GOP is in trouble

Obama up big in Ohio


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