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Nov 15, 2011


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I love the smell of benzene in the morning. It smells like-money!

Billy Jones

But how are water companies going to be able to turn a profit if people can get safe water from a hole in the ground?

Bill Yaner

What's a little nerve impairment, loss of smell, nerve pain or cancer if it creates jobs?


Simple regulation can control any problems to the water table - serve the companies, their officers, their board members and their employees and shareholders a daily glass of reprocessed fracturing fluid waste water from the wells they drill. If they are willing to drink it day in and day out I can have some confidence in the effluent treatment process. If not they are aware they are changing the water table and are not paying for the risks they are exposing the public to - industrial pollution is not free.

Don Moore

They have been fracking in the Mid-West for over 30 years. Is this the first well to discover pollution?

Bill Yaner

It's hard for me to call a person pfknc (how do you pronounce that?), but I think your suggestion is brilliant. Simple and brilliant.

Andrew Brod

Pifkinick? Puff-kink? Pfack-nick?

Bill Yaner

I think the "p" is silent ( I know I always try to keep mine as quiet as possible if they're people nearby), thus making it Fik-nik - as in "Want to join me for a picnic,Fik-nik?"

Andrew Brod

Or maybe this is it.


Don Moore in 1989: "They been using asbestos since 1858. Is this the first case of mesothelioma they've discovered?"


Well said.

Mad Hatter GOP Tea Party Expert

Don Moore in 1989: "They been using asbestos since 1858. Is this the first case of mesothelioma they've discovered?"*Meno

You are correct! But your fuzzy headed Republican tea party research in history fails the Al Gore myth test that the water will be cover up the Earth within the next week..Are you aware that the Roman Empire failed due to lead coated lining in their water pipes causing total insanity with the Republican Roman Tea party at that time? And another Republican tea party thing, have you forgot that Alice in Wonderland hung around with a Mad Hatter who coated his inner head blinder Hat with Mercury causing the downfall of the English Empire! May the escape Alien Lizards from Area 51 put a Cancer Pox on your Herman Cain Pink Sissy Pants


"Yet another reason to fast-track fracking in NC, right?"

Considering from where this information was linked, there's a good chance that's probably an accurate assessment.

Steve Harrison

Try this link, bubba. And pay close attention to page six.


"And pay close attention to page six."

And the info establishes exactly what?

Steve Harrison

You're smarter than that, bubba.

"Synthetic organic compound", as in "synthesized", as in "artifact", as in "man-made", as in "not naturally occurring", as in "you ain't from around here, are ya'?"

And just as man leaves his signature on some of his more nasty creations, shale methane leaves a signature with its isotopes. And by the amount of fresh water that has to be trucked into a community.

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