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Oct 12, 2011


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Mad Dog

Didn't you know? Jeri is too busy with the Bucket List contest.


Ed Cone

I've seen Jeri do smart and thoughtful work, including some behind the scenes stuff that was really top-notch. Management should let him be a real metro columnist -- something they currently lack -- to maximize reporting dollars.

Then take some of the money they spend on syndicated crapola -- hey, a lifestyle story from Minnesota, how interesting! -- and spend it on local soft-serve.


Glen Raven's worth covering for lots of reasons; the Burlington-based global company does smart things.

The plant in Anderson, SC sends nothing to the local landfill, and the Burnsville, NC plant is on track to do the same.

Glen Raven's Norlina plant has a new 500KW solar array on its roof. It's the largest in Progress Energy's network and generates enough electricity to supply the needs of 47 typical homes.

Billy Jones

And unfair trade issues like these are just one of the issues the Occupy Movement wants to see addressed.

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