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Sep 27, 2011


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squandered the endowment already?

Mad Dog

Ed-"There is a significant difference between what the N&R reported and what's actually happening out at Lawndale and Lake Brandt."

I'm not surprised, are you? This is par for the course at N&R.

Lewis Grizzard-"What do you expect? It only costs fifty cents."



I thought the tone of that piece was odd. I'm glad you cleared it up for me. Hopefully, the N&R will clear it up for everyone else. My thought was, if I weren't connected to the school, I would find it off-putting to have them ask me for money.

Ed Cone

Thomas, exactly. And in getting the fundraising focus wrong, the article missed key details of what's actually happening, e.g., a carefully developed campus master plan, a well-organized, targeted campaign and fundraising strategy, etc.

Kim, I'm not intimately involved in governance at this point, but I think the endowment is in good shape and is used primarily for financial aid, professional development, and such; this is a campaign to raise money for capital projects, as is commonly done at schools and other institutions, public and private.


I think the master plan is a very good one. The new tennis courts look great, and I think having the entrance on Lake Brandt is going to be a big improvement.

Jim Langer

They needed an "-ir" in "the community".

Ed Cone

There's also a box running alongside the story headlined "Want to Give?," with a number for "potential donors" to call at the school.

Nice, I guess, for the N&R to throw such support behind the non-existent public fundraising effort, but all far removed from what's actually going on out there.


I hope they don't come to my house selling fruitcakes.

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