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Sep 22, 2011


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Patrick Eakes

"Don't eat the yellow snow"

David Wharton

"Be here now. -- Ram Das"
"See here now. -- Smar Das"

Preston Earle

Descartes walked into Ham's and a waitress asked him if he'd like a beer. He said "I think not" and disappeared.

Billy Jones

I thought the penguin said, "Do be do be do." ;-)


Do be a do-bee-- Miss Molly, Romper Room.

 Abner Doon

I believe it may be possible
that time can be folded
therefore "speed".

It doesn't nessessarily mean something
can surpass the speed of light,
it may mean something can go inbetween
or through, or beyond, or etc...

Which may also mean time can be slowed.
"Were you to board a spaceship, head out from earth at 99.999999 percent of light speed,
travel for six months and then head back home at the same speed,
your motion would slow your clock relative to those that remain stationary on Earth
so that you’d be one year older upon your return,
while everyone on Earth would have aged about 7,000 years."

Brian Greene
You may not know some of what you think you know.

You didn’t, don’t or will think everything you could, should or shouldn’t.

Of what you think did, didn’t or is, some are more likely than others.

If nothing doesn’t change, you can’t start over.

Are the only two certainties,
you and everything that’s not?

Is yesterday a certainty, if the past is dependent on the present?

If there’s no certainty of what was, is will be or why
is the only certainty present thought?

Has everything happened the way you think?

 Abner Doon

"I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am."

René Descartes
You were who you think you were.

You are what you think you are.

If some of what will, can, can’t or won’t change,
you may or may not be who you think you’ll be.

You may not know some of what you think you know.

 Abner Doon

If just under the speed of light travel slows time
and an hour can be experienced in a minute
can a minute be lived in an hour?
"Here we are and it is now

Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine"

H L Mencken


"Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine"

I'll drink to that.


The truth of the matter should be easy to see.
The crux is the biscuit's the apostrophe0

greensboro transplant

One of my favorite bits of graffiti:

God is dead - Nietzsche

Nietzsche is dead - God


Good one.

Jim Langer

To think is to to be, I would say, comes closer to Descartes, than "to do is to be". Not as cute, though. The Taoists seek to "do without doing".

The last quotes seem to "punish" and laugh at Nietzsche. Nietzsche did not glory in recognizing the murder of god in an increasingly godless society. In some ways, he mourned it. He did later posit a sort of immortality for all, but not one anyone would like, called "Eternal Return". You re-live your same life, eternally, no changes. Full-fledged nihilism doesn't dance on anyone's grave, least of all god's.

"I call a lie: wanting not to see something one does see, wanting not to see something as one sees it... The most common lie is the lie one tells to oneself; lying to others is relatively the exception."
~ Friedrich Nietzsche, 1894/1990, The Anti-Christ (R. J. Hollingdale, Trans.), p. 185

Jim Langer

Rousseau: "Life is not breath, but action".

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