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Sep 06, 2011


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"Second, locking in to a long-term contract only locks Greensboro out of opportunities in the waste-to-energy development field," says Thompson in his op-ed.

True, but it is puzzling to hear Councilman Thompson suddenly get religion on the perils of a long-term contract. All throughout the summer (before being stopped in the courts) Thompson pushed to not only re-open the landfill, but expand it via a 15 to 30 year contract necessitating Phases IV and V. While he attempts to quietly re-write this past in his editorial, he has not explicitly repudiated going back to Phases IV and V plan once a vendor gets their foot in the door with Phase III.

It seems most likely this new-found concern over a long-term contract relates to Thompson's effort to seem reasonable in advance of the upcoming election. There is nothing to stop him from running right back to Phases IV and V if re-elected. In fact, that would fit Thompson's pattern on this issue given that he campaigned as a landfill opponent in 2009.


Randolph County is no silver bullet, but Thompson's approach is left-field stuff. There is nothing wrong with slowing down this discussion, unless, of course you are trying to get something through prior to being defeated in November. We need to understand that you don't only control costs by deciding where you put all the trash, you control costs by looking at your total operations.

An item for discussion ought to be to separate out payment for garbage pickup from our property taxes and move towards a fee that more accurately passes the cost on to the actual generator of the garbage. We should evaluate fees that, at a minimum, charge for the extra cost associated with picking up and disposing of bulk items (sofas, refrigerators, bookcases, mattresses.)


I think the lies, deceit and the flip flopping reveal there is some other sinister motive for re-opening White Street landfill and it has nothing to do with dollars. Why would the four on the city council not explore an option with Republic that does not require re-opening White street and would save half a million more dollars a year than re-opening White Street? Honestly I think its more about a political victory, than dollars. The way this has been handled opens the door to all kinds of speculation including race.

Billy Jones

Ron: "Honestly I think its more about a political victory, than dollars. The way this has been handled opens the door to all kinds of speculation including race."

It's about certain politicians who are indebted to certain local business owners. If not then considering a city operated White Street would be on the table.

As I've made mention several times over at Joy G's, y'all really don't know how this game is played and who you're playing the game with.

Having worked in the waste industry and having worked with and for, and competed against some of the principles involved I do know the game even if I don't have the facts and figures in front of me but being that I've been ignored publicly and privately since the 1990s when I tried to offer solutions to Greensboro's waste problems, Greensboro can just go to hell for all I care.

PS. The Republic plan is a trap.

Tony Wilkins


I, for one, have enjoyed and appreciated reading your knowledgeable comments on this issue.

And Ron, help me out with something. Can you remember who said "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"? I'm thinking it might have been Calvin Coolidge but I'm not sure. Have any idea who said that?


Good Brother Wilkins. That quote has its roots in Solomon, and comes through the collective conscience via Franklin, Lincoln and Twain.


Nancy has been called "liberal" by some because of her position on the landfill, but I'm with Ed on this. Apart from politics, I don't understand how fiscal conservatives can choose Danny's position over hers. But I guess that's it, really. Politics can make people do and say things against their own best interest. It's a losing game.

Tony Wilkins

Thanks Meno, I had assumed it was Twain but a quick Google search shows the author of the quote may not be confirmed.
Now really impress me Meno, and tell me who said: "no Floyd, Calvin Coolidge didn't say everything". lol.

Dr. Mary Johnson

A comment I left at Joe's post on the dueling op-eds merits being left here:

A well-named friend of mine called me this (Sunday) morning about the point-counter-point . . . noting that it was very clear what the N&R wanted to happen (i.e. make Asheboro, "Trashboro") . . . reporting that he could not find the pieces online - while doubting that they had been included in any editions of the N&R distributed in Randolph County . . . and commenting wryly that the Randolph County Manager had clearly prostituted East Asheboro to East Greensboro - with very little public discussion or debate actually taking place amongst the populace of Randolph County.

We don't have a newspaper down here, you see. The Courier Tribune is merely a newsletter for "the right people". And the right people are all for anything that turns the quickest buck* (*a trait that Edward-Cone-of-the-Cones wants to milk to the detriment of the citizens of East Asheboro). That's why Asheboro's in the boat it's in now.


(Neither, apparently, do the Ed Cones. Just get the tons of garbage out of Greensboro.)

"Anchor Tenant"???? Are you kidding me? We're not talking about renting a house. A landfill is forever.

I'm watching all of these reprehensible machinations in disbelief. The notion that Vaughn has no conflicted interests in this matter is LUDICROUS. This just SMELLS.

John D. Young

For years Greensboro has used Montgomery County as its dumb site. Moving to Randolph County now seems to be building momentum because it may prove to be a little cheaper. And of course this is being done as a rich county entitlement with little concern about the cultural, social and environmental impact on Randolph County.

Dump it any place but in Guilford County seems to be a developing solution to keep many in Greensboro and Guilford County happy. But it is not a wise, just or an adequate long term solution. Guilford County and Greensboro should do the right thing and properly dispose of its garbage within Guilford County.

This rich, high class county entitlement attitude needs a little adjustment. But alas there are a few poor county politicians who under the current economic crunch would do anything, even create a "Trashboro" to add a few bucks to the depleted coffers.

A legitimate regional landfill, that is fully vetted in both counties, should include land actually shared between and adjoining the two participating counties. Then the charges of neocolonialism, no sorry, I meant to say neocountyism are not at play.


Why hasn't Guilford County stepped up to the plate to find a solution? When Wade and Rakestraw was on the County Commission they voted against a landfill in Oakridge. Kee read the minutes of that meeting and they just sat there stone face. Kee showed them for the hypocrites they are. If DH Griffin was involved in the Oakridge landfill I wonder how they would have voted.


Not Guilford's problem, I recall thr Oak Ridge deal was an expansion/encroachment from an existing landfill in Forsyth County.

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