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Sep 16, 2011


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Abner Doon

"The memo from Danish is important in understanding what happened because as Bluestein said in her memo to Danish on May 2, "I have done my best to assess the extent and likelihood of a financial interest in each situation, based on the facts available. Obviously, a change in those facts or the disclosure of additional or different facts could affect the analysis."

So Bluestein's analysis and opinion could only be as good as the information she was given, and doubt has been raised that the information Bluestein was given was entirely accurate.

In a discussion with Bluestein on Wednesday, Sept. 7, it became apparent that the facts she was given about Perkins might have been slightly different from what is now known.

Bluestein said she did not understand that the company Perkins owns 50 percent of, Piedmont Triad Commercial Properties, had contracts with D.H. Griffin Companies. She said, "That's not the way it was presented to me." After looking at her own memo to refresh her memory, Bluestein said, "My recollection is the councilmember had a contract with someone who had a contract with D.H. Griffin."

She said, "I think it made a difference to me that it was once removed." But she added that she wasn't sure knowing that the contracts were between the two companies would have changed her opinion, because of the small amount of money involved.

...Very early in the process, Danish, who is an attorney but not licensed to practice law in North Carolina, sent Matheny and Perkins an email that indicated in her opinion that they both had conflicts of interest."

John Hammer



I'm confused. Abner, are you saying Perkins shouldn't be allowed to vote because he might stand to gain financially from his business relationship? Hasn't Perkins repeatedly voiced opposition to opening the landfill and contracting with Gate City? Isn't Perkins' stance on this issue contrary to his business relationships' financial gain? If Perkins' stance on the issue will be a hindrance to DH Griffin's financial gain, does that mean Perkins is guilty of being stupid?
Beep beep goes the bus horn

Tony Wilkins

That's a lot of weight on Nancy.

Abner Doon

"Hasn't Perkins repeatedly voiced opposition to opening the landfill and contracting with Gate City?"

Voiced support for RUCO
after voting to gut it twice
while funding TREBIC, which erased the state of North Carolina's
inspection protection for poor people?

Did he inform his constituents
when a beneficiary of a Guilford County tax break
as yet to be reported by the media?

BTW...I consider Ed Cone to be a part of "the media"

No offense Ed.

Still being in the profession
disallows you from sharing some factoids
about some doing the same
for possible future employment possibilities.

Abner Doon

Or maybe not.

Maybe it can be hard to press to heavily
against the social fabric.

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