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Sep 13, 2011


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From an email to my council representative:

Dear Zack,

Should council vote on forcing Nancy Vaughan to recuse herself from the trash vote, I cannot express any stronger my expectation that you would vote against any such shenanigans. People may have differing views about the legality of Vaughan's participation in the contract vote. Fair enough. But the matter is now in the courts where it should be decided. This is a time for good judgement.


Billy Jones

What a freaking riot this whole affair has become! If nothing else, we now have proof Council is ineffective and unable to govern. The entire council should be (as my dearly departed Daddy was fond of saying) "run out of town on a rail."


Billy, do you know anybody who sells rails?


Good for Zack.

Billy Jones

Roch, Lowes and Home Depot sell a "lite" rail known as a landscape timber.


I guess this means the White Street landfill won't open....unless the mini majority can figure out a way to keep both Nancy and Zack from voting...all the wasted money, staff time and resources on this and they pissed off half of Greensboro in the process. They should have just left it alone.


"all the wasted money, staff time and resources on this"

Bet it doesn't equal $3 million a year.


Does anyone have information about DH Griffin's history of illegal dumping at the landfill off Wiley Davis Road? Seem to recall it was forced to be shut down.

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