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Sep 29, 2011


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Billy Jones

I wonder how many of these "stolen" signs were placed on right of ways as putting signs on right of ways is illegal and are removed by the city and others.

Billy Jones

PS. They're called yard signs for a reason.

Ed Cone

The ones I was told about were in a private yard, but I do see a lot of signs in places it seems they ought not be.

Billy Jones

I sometimes "steal" signs from right of ways as the corrugated plastic and steel wire are great for certain kinds of projects. I even remove those signs for politicians I support. I do so with the verbal blessing of certain high level city and county employees (who shall remain nameless) as it reduces removal costs for the city. When on the right of way, these signs are considered trash and every city encourages citizens to pick up trash. We are paying-out city tax dollars for the Code Enforcement Department to remove signs from right of ways. But I won't venture onto private property-- ever.

The irony is that smart campaigns profit from the theft and vandalism of signs and benefit from the media stories and blog posts about stolen signs. Campaigns that are unable to profit and benefit from the "theft" of campaign signs are run by idiots who have no business winning elections.

Think about it.

PS. If you're curious about where the City's right of way ends I'll remind you that your water meter, mail box, electrical and cable boxes and telephone poles are placed on the right of way.

PPS. Code Enforcement usually leaves campaign signs placed in front of homes untouched until after the elections have ended but will regularly remove signs placed on busy corners no matter what the time of year. As a matter of fact: Greensboro is paying at least 2 people to remove signs year 'round. Over $100,000.oo a year.) Sounds like a big waste of taxpayer dollars but it appears to be what conservatives and liberals support as neither side has ever mentioned doing anything about it.

Tony Wilkins

But shouldn't a former mayor know better?

Billy J., those figures are troubling.

Tony Wilkins

"pet·ty: Of little importance; trivial". Stealing and vandalizing is petty?

Careful, people are going to begin to think this is a left leaning, liberal blog.


Thanks, BJ! I'm going to clean up my neighborhood! YES I CAN!

Ed Cone

petty [ˈpɛtɪ]
adj -tier, -tiest
2. of a narrow-minded, mean, or small-natured disposition or character.

Not sure how a curse-on-all-houses post gets read as partisan, but congrats on pulling it off.

Mad Dog


Happy New Year.



Tony, shouldn't the sitting Mayor know that his extra-large campaign signs are in violation of the sign ordinance?


I feel a sense of pride and respect for our system which smoothly transfers massive political power from one individual to another, a rare thing in the history of the world, when I see campaign signs popping up. I feel this without regard to their location or affiliation.

I couldn't bring myself to pull them up prior to the election no matter the rationalization.

Billy Jones

Don't worry, Froggy, I'm an equal opportunity sign "thief." I pull up improperly placed signs by realtors, yard sales, get rich quick schemes, people who buy junk cars, the buy your house for cash guys... If it's on the city right of way it's trash.

By the way, utility workers (electric, telephone, cable) will also remove signs that are placed on or in the fall zones at utility poles as a safety issue. Nothing ruins your day like surviving a 30' fall from a pole only to discover you've been impaled straight through the heart by the steel wire from a campaign sign.

Also, while working at the scrap yard I noticed people selling the steel wire for scrap so it's possible the motivation was neither the eyesore or politically motivated.

Remember: Political yard signs are more than an expression of free speech, they are a profit center for campaigns and sign makers and a net loss for taxpayers. Besides, they have almost zero impact as an advertising too.

Whose to say the signs aren't being stolen by hungry sign makers?

And seriously, when it comes to politics-- it's all petty.

tk solomon

choosing one's tyrant and erecting a sign upon the eminents' domain is a rather petty endeavor. only the most superstitious believers in the daddy or nanny state take this seriously.

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