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Sep 10, 2011


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I still think if there has been a flawed process, there may be grounds for a lawsuit. Any lawsuit filed would likely delay any decision until after the November election. It seems that Gate City is trying to unfairly manipulate votes in their favor by introducing things in the contract to prevent council members from voting against them. They didn't bring the methane gas into this until they found out Nancy could vote. Council's role in all this has to be questioned as well.


At present, all hands are on deck, and by that I mean Amanda and Joe, investigating rumors of a mayoral candidate who has engaged in certain as yet unspecified immoral activities, among which appears to be the beating of his dog in public. I understand they were ready to go to press with the story, when additional info came to light concerning the plight of a Canada goose, assaulted by the dog in question during the affray.

To your point, the N&R is awaiting a legal pronouncement from Tom Pollard, who will issue a statement after he receives an opinion from the NC School of Government and several head hunters.

Andrew Brod

Isn't it news that the GCWS letter was sent, even if the story would have to note that the SOG hasn't yet issued an opinion?


Dr. Brod, you would be wise not to query my comments as though they were fact.


What Ron said.


Kudos to the runner who broke the hard-hitting story in Wed. or Thurs. N&R about Anton's hiring a new chef. That's cutting edge, life-altering stuff right there. lolYesWeekly & Rhino for NOT getting that one. They're busy covering a story about a big, earthen trash can.

Andrew Brod

Okay, Fec, then let me restate: Isn't it news that the GCWS letter was sent, regardless of how the city intends to respond to it?


You people are being unreasonable. Now that Killian has rolled out the fascinating article about a putative flu epidemic to coincide with the opening of Contagion, I have no doubt he will be assigned the less important job of chronicling the latest hijinx in the landfill saga. There are only 300 people working at the N&R, and you can't expect them to be everywhere at once.


It's gotta suck to work for that outfit. You want to fluff your sheet, but what's to fluff? To top it off, you work for a business engulfed in industrial hemophilia.

Ed Cone

The news about Paul going to Anton's is actually pretty exciting -- the guy has run some seriously good restaurants. And that was a beat writer doing his job.

But on hard news, sad to say, the years of cuts have taken a toll.


Dang, Ed. Sounds like your yearning for those "Lorraine Ahearn" days!


It's Gwyneth Paltrow, for God's sake: Chris Martin's wife and mother of little Apple and Moses. AND SHE DIES!!! There's even a brain autopsy. Now, that's acting.

You people are obviously emotional cripples. I give up.

Abner Doon

I believe some of our local beat reporters at the N&R
are being sensored.
An amazing story of how local papers manipulate the news,
via Ed Cone


Which was posted in this exchange with Allen Johnson



It's censored, you dumbass.

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