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Sep 28, 2011


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Dr. Mary Johnson

You reap what you sow.

Jonathan Jones

The Records will hang on for a few more weeks, as will the reporters who write for them. More reporting jobs will go away when the last editions are printed next month.

Billy Jones

A new day and a new way are in the making. And the N&Rs of the world will only get to watch.


I may have heard a total of three reporters could be gone over the next few months.

greensboro transplant

I heard cuts in other areas have been occurring recently. not sure if the cuts were related and which depts or how many people.

looks like it's being done quietly.


I am fed up with the News and Record. The Sunday comics seem to be the only thing worth reading and we didn't even get our paper this past Sunday, and they won't deliver to missed homes anymore. I only get the Sunday paper, but I'm not keep that subscription going.

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