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Sep 28, 2011


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I first learned of Reich from Dusan Makavejev's controversial movie, WR: Mysteries of the Organism [sic]. One of the most interesting & entertaining films to emerge from Communist east-central Europe.

Ed's mom

I was going to ask you if you had the Orgone Institute plaque. Sorry to hear that you don't. Too bad.



Never heard of the movie and don't speak the language so I read the text provided. Kundalini energy, sexual energy, Chi energy and all the other myriad forms are but attempts to understand the nonphysical part of the species.

One consciousness researcher has progressed far into understanding the nature of such energies and energy systems; none of them are fundamental to reality, so they all share that characteristic.

What is fundamental to this reality is Consciousness. If you can ponder that statement. fairly, I suggest you check out Tom Campbell's My Big TOE (NOTE:theory of everything).

Billy Jones

Sounds like more New Age BS to me.

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