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Sep 09, 2011


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Billy Jones

Such a waste is a $20,000 PR effort when it can be undone with a few tactically placed tweets, blog comments and other "social media" tools.

But when one considers that RLF Communications is an arm of Melvin's Minions, (They don't even admit publicly who their Senior Team is.) it's not surprising the City of Greensboro would "hire" them to "promote" Greensboro as if it wasn't the circus it is. PR is the desperate last act of a dying city.

sean coon

"PR is the desperate last act of a dying city."

while i agree with the sentiment about pr in general, i'm not so sure about greensboro "dying." in every city there are politicos and power brokers who do harm, but it doesn't mean the rest of the community isn't doing anywhere from ok to thriving.


Go big or go home.

I've been in PR for thirty years. Spending $20,000 is a complete and utter waste of time, energy, money, and good will. Assuming this is an annual budget, it's less than two thousand dollars a month, which would buy less than a day's worth of time each month from a seasoned professional.

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