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Sep 20, 2011


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It looks like its finally over. Even if the little majority went back to Waste Industries to prevent Vaughan from voting, Matheny would be able to vote and it seems he privately indicated he's not for it.


Cluster from the start.


a dying little town

wk pixley

there is only one answer for this issue, one which faces virtually ever municipality one earth- plasma incineration.

Brandon Burgess

This is great news.

I found it offensive that GCWS would try to hijack our government by suing Vaughan into silence. I am glad they did not succeed. This withdrawal does redeem them (especially Mr. Griffin), somewhat, in my eyes.

Up to this point I have been in favor of reopening the landfill to municipal solid waste. But if the companies who want to do it think it is a bad idea, then maybe it is time for me to reconsider my position.

Fred Grergory

Hardly Brandon..They don't think it is a bad idea . They just found the idea of sleeping with dogs distasteful.

"As a lifelong resident and businessman in this community I had sincerely hoped to do something positive for the White Street Landfill neighborhoods, and the people of Greensboro. Those actions no longer appear possible."

Never fear Nancy will save us.

Punt ?


"Never fear Nancy will save us."

Looks like the plan will be for Nancy to succeed Robbie.

In a city of corrupt crony politics and general political malfeasance, we should never be surprised at outcomes like this.


Many might say that the agents of corrupt crony politics and malfeasance have at last been defeated.

Tony Wilkins

Robbie Perkins Fails To Be Mayorial

Tony Wilkins

Sorry, Robbie Perkins Fails To Be Mayorial


"Many might say that the agents of corrupt crony politics and malfeasance have at last been defeated."

You left out "Usual Suspects" after "many".


Tdub, many of the usual suspects might also say that Perkins was in fact acting quite mayorial. He was not recused and appears to be trying to mend fences. These are the kind of proactive efforts to will be business as usual in his administration. Robbie doesn't make it a habit to run and hide.


"He was not recused and appears to be trying to mend fences."

Yes, of course. All of his past history leads us to believe that's true, doesn't it?


Yes, to those of us not afflicted with Perkins Derangement Syndrome, it does.

Billy Jones

As I commented over at Fec's:

"I’ve seen this trick before. At least 2 and possibly 3 of the companies that prepared the original RFPs are owned in-part by DH Griffin.

Think about it."


Its over...at least for this city council. Its too late to consider another company. It would require another public hearing and 30 days


What were the proposals offered by the opposition?


Was there no bid bond required with the proposals? They can just withdraw their bid without penalty?

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