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Sep 14, 2011


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Fred Gregory

Another postv on the BIG LIE.

What is now # 40 ?


You're so right, Mr. Gregory, the idea that hydraulic fracturing is a good idea for North Carolina is untrue.


".....the idea that hydraulic fracturing is a good idea for North Carolina is untrue."

And the FACTS that support your opinion are.......?

Fred Grergory


You are putting words in my mouth.

So to be clear try this on for size.

Freacking and natural gas are your friends

This is the message I was trying to convey. Pay attention and learn , Meno.

AN Inconvenient Truth About Gasland

Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, Correcting Gasland:

"Gasland incorrectly attributes several cases of water well contamination in Colorado to oil and gas development when our investigations determined that the wells in question contained biogenic [naturally-occurring] methane that is not attributable to such development."

From John Hanger, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:

"Gasland is fundamentally dishonest and a deliberately false presentation for dramatic effect.”

Now try and twist that, Meno.

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