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Sep 26, 2011


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Rumor has it that Ga Tech and/or Va Tech are considering the leap to The SEC.

MSG in the rotation for The ACC Bball Champs probably would be a neutral at best scenario for Gso. Probably gonna lose some weekends to the yankees. Seems an expensive alernative to me but hey I am a middle class schmuck.

Not a bog fn of expansion but it may be unavoidable in the big business world of sports. Too bad. Gonna have to re-do the Hall of Fame/Museum signage.

Billy Jones

Yeah, and burning sage protects you from Banksters.


That should read "not a big fan"


Don't think we'll see ACC defections any time soon with the new $20 mil price tag for leaving.

Jim Melvin's comment hit on my first thought when I heard Boeheim's take on NYC vs GSO as a tournament site. Until the powerball comes through, I won't be spending any tournament weeks in NYC.

Preston Earle

In the New ACC, the ACC-North could have its divisional tournament in NYC and the ACC-South have its in Greensboro (every year or every other year) and in Atlanta or Florida (say, every 4th year). Division tournaments run Thursday (4 games), Friday (2 semi-final games), and the division finals on Saturday at noon. The two division champions meet in the Conference Championship at alternating North/South sites on Sunday night.

The 2,500 division champion ticket-holders could be easily moved from one site to the other. It would only take 6-8 jet flights, some on Sat. PM and some on Sunday. (What would a full charter between GSO and LGA cost?) That would be a great adventure!

Patrick Eakes

It seems more likley to me that a 14 or 16-team ACC would play in arenas larger than GSO, such as the Atlanta Dome, rather than arenas smaller than GSO, such as MSG. After allotting tickets to sponsors, MSG does not offer many seats per school in a 16-team scenario.

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