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Aug 23, 2011


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Andrew Brod

It was good for me too.

Andrew Brod

Damn. I need to read your permalinks before trying to be cute.


"Ran out of house with only a hairbrush. So much for disaster planning"

I had to laugh at this blog post. Our building shook for several seconds, people exited their offices with the same excited look on their face, "Is this an earthquake?"
Never felt one before, even though I've lived in Utah and traveled to several vulnerable areas. My take: small earthquakes that happen in out of the way places are cool.

Andrew Brod

A small earthquake hit Chicago when I lived there in the '80s. But I was on the El and didn't feel anything.

When our little quake hit here just under an hour ago, I looked outside to see if any heavy equipment was rolling by.


Someone just said a nuc power station in Louisa, VA had to shut down, any fracking going on up there?


AB - if you were on the El train it was no wonder you didn't feel anything - except maybe someone else's briefcase poking you in the ribs.


Maybe a fore-shock to something much bigger.... hmmm?


There are reports that the Washington Monument in DC was tilting and skyscrapers in New York City were swaying. We felt 10 to 15 seconds of rumbles in the Triad. It was a pretty violent shaking in northern VA and DC.


"Someone just said a nuc power station in Louisa, VA had to shut down, any fracking going on up there?"

The North Anna plant is near the epicenter. They lost local power, but the diesel backups started without a hitch, as planned. No structural damage.


That's good news bubba. Now about that hurricane...


Plenty of facade damage here in Culpeper, VA - broken windows, bricks on the sidewalks, etc. Fire and rescue cleared out downtown so they could inspect buildings...condemned St. Stephens church as I stood in front of it.


Now I can say I felt an earthquake. But, just the one, thank you. That's my limit.


My lawyers (clients) in DC were standing on Pennsylvania Ave. with White House and OEB staff and a TON of security and were, in their words, bemused. I said, "When it's over, I'm glad your office is on the 3rd floor. The last place I'd want to be is in an elevator."

"Thanks," he replied, "I just got in the elevator. If I lose the call, I'll email you to let you know if we lived or died."

You gotta have a sense of humor when the dogs are berserk. And I presume heavenly email accounts are comp'ed.

Billy Jones

You haven't really experienced an earthquake until you find yourself driving on a freeway and the road starts moving out from under you causing you to change lanes when you weren't trying to change lanes.

Been there, done that, once was enough.

Margaret Banks

"My take: small earthquakes that happen in out of the way places are cool."


greensboro transplant

I've lived in SW Va for over 6 years. Part of my commute is through a tunnel. I never gave it a second thought until yesterday.

I've been through earthquakes and hurricanes before, but I'd like to go tornado chasing before I die.



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