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Aug 21, 2011


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For anyone else wondering, hippie punching = kicking the liberal base.

Delong raises a lot of intriguing questions in his column.

As a center right person, I think I could buy into the payroll tax holiday, infrastructure bank and even a modern version of CCC for the long-term unemployed. I saw Reich argue for these things recently and he makes a good point that with interest rates at next to nothing it makes pretty good sense to borrow and invest in real, tangible things that benefit the nation. Not just in paying out benefits.

Doesn't paying the unemployed to build a bridge or dig a ditch that is a public necessity make more sense than paying them to sit at home and pretend to apply for two jobs each week?

What is the holdup?

Bill Yaner

The holdup is our form of government currently locked in severe paralysis. As Fareed Zakaria commented this morning, the parliamentary governments of the world are doing far better implementing reforms these days because their prime ministers lead their majority parties in the legislature and are their countries' chief executives. All are pushing in the same direction for as long as they enjoy the confidence of their countries.

Here we have the spectacle of a lower house locked in perpetual opposition and an upper house rendered completely ineffectual by the overuse/abuse of the filibuster - a rule not even in the Constitution. And on we go facing the same problems month after month, year after year.


This is just another variation of the "Obama is just not liberal enough" meme that people like Krugman and his hero-worshipers here and elsewhere want the rest of us to believe.

You think Obama and fellow malfeasants have screwed it up? The current disaster they've created pales in comparison to the disaster Krugman and Klan would create by having us ignore the Confidence Fairy, a villain in his Krugman in Wonderland fictional mindset.

Reading about these little "progressive" love spats is the functional equivalent of reading about a heated discussion over whether Kim Kardashian is fat.


Bill is right on target. In parliamentary governments, the majority party, by definition, has the power to push through its legislation. That, after all, is the point.

Here, parties are more concerned abut keeping their corporate money people happy than they are about actually governing. That's why we see both parties on their backs with their legs in the air over a bunch of bigoted neo-facists in the House.

Meanwhile, Buuba is here with his usual character assassination gambit. People need to measure up to his standards, it seems, before they can be part of a democracy. Or, is it that people like Bubba are afraid of real democracy? Gets in the way of their beliefs and all that.


Translating corbs: "Kim Kardashian is fat."

Bill Yaner

Bubba stays in permanent attack mode as his way of dealing with a consistent lack of insight. Guess it works for him.


"Bubba stays in permanent attack mode as his way of dealing with a consistent lack of insight. Guess it works for him."

Translation: "Yeah, but look at those CURVES"

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