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Aug 16, 2011


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Jo Isler

This unfortunately sums up the evening in a nutshell!!!


Perkins get it. We are wasting this great asset by using up the leverage it provides in getting better disposal prices down the road.

And the stench of the bid going to David Griffin's company, not the low bidder is appalling. Griffin's company will not even be doing the work. They will sub it out and he just skims off the top. He should just drive around the east side of town and throw twenties out of his car window and watch people grovel.

A sickening result done in an sickening manner.....

Billy Jones

Reopening the landfill could be a step closer towards a long term solution as it reserves a place that is suitable for a waste to energy plant and high tech jobs for east Greensboro. Sadly, city council is more apt to move towards the "Randolph County Solution" and destroy any chance of modernizing our waste disposal system.

We still have a transfer station and that transfer station will be the first place our garbage goes just as is done now. That means far fewer trucks will be going to White Street than before.


Why Is Trudy Wade and her Tea Party friends on city council not considering the transfer station option that saves the city $3 million?

John Amberg

N&R reports that Knight, Wade, Rakestraw and Thompson would not explain their reasoning at the meeting Tues night and refused to asnwer questions by reporters subsequently.

All four will lose in November. Knight will be run out of the ball park. This is the beginning of the next big shift on the City Council.

Something tells me that once the pendulum has swung things will not be measurably better and the divisions will be wider than ever.

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