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Aug 14, 2011


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Started reading the ProPublica first as I was not familiar with their work on the topic.

In summary, it's a well written, link-laden piece.

I would recommend concerned citizens to scour this piece and all the links in it to provide to the vacuous statements made by unconcerned citizens.

Their work is the closest to investigative work, I've seen to date on the topic.

For example, given my other reading on wastewater disposal I found the link to the Pennsylvania wastewater disposal very enlightening. For one thing, I even learned of specifics of TDS. That situation underscores the catchup game all governments are playing, some only because of citizen pressure.

Fred Gregory

Will somebody tell the SEC to frack off

Fred Gregory

All over the internets the "Quakers" ( not Society of Friends ) are claiming fracking and or George Bush are to blame for 8/23.

Not so says Neuron

"I am a scientist, with 20+ peer-reviewed scientific papers.

The earthquake epicenter was below the town of Mineral, VA.

Before fracking can be blamed, a few items must be determined:

(1) where are the closest fracking sites around the compass points from the epicenter?
(2) what is the extent of the fracking at those sites (the diameter of the rock crushing zone)?
(3) what is the geology of the areas involved and around Mineral, VA?
Only then can the laws of geophysics be applied to determine the culpability of fracking to the onset of the Mineral, VA earthquake.

It seems to me that the libtards are applying psuedo-science and trickery to confuse and befuddle the libtard's mind-numbed robots, who are trained to accept innuendo and unsubstantiated assertions as proof of guilt. "The seriousness of the charge warrants investigation of the guilty."

Seriously, it is MUCH more likely that the earthquake in Colorado the night before was the triggering event that coaxed the built-up energy in the foothills and mountains of Virginia to let loose, than it is that fracking in a distant place loosened the soil."

Ed Cone

Nobody here has made those claims, and a previous discussion here was highly skeptical of similar claims.

Debating the fringe seems a fringe activity in itself.


"I would recommend concerned citizens to scour this piece and all the links in it to provide to the vacuous statements made by unconcerned citizens."

As previously documented, Pro Publica's work is tainted by the special interests that fund it, and can not be relied upon as authoritative.

Andrew Brod

Bubba's right, as long as we defined "previously documented" as "previously claimed before being discredited."

Fred Gregory

"Nobody here has made those claims".... before 8/23. I just thought it would be a matter of time that lunacy like the below would pop up in this domain.

Did fracking cause the Virginia earthquake?

The right thing New Jersey 'fracking' ban vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie

Ed Cone

But Fred, I linked back to a post here specifically rebutting that meme. We agree that these claims seem to be junk science.

Why argue with shadows, instead of joining the actual discussion taking place?


"Bubba's right, as long as we defined 'previously documented' as 'previously claimed before being discredited.' "

Umm, no, it hasn't.

But don't let that stop you from framing the discussion (as usual) to distract from the common sense reality.

Funding is made to Pro Publica for the expressed purpose of advance Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" talking points. The sources that fund them do not give freely, nor do they give for their great altruistic motivations.

Perhaps we need to start calling you Pollyandykins.

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