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Aug 22, 2011


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ddi the same thing to me as well.


Go see Page One at Aperture in Winston - good behind the scenes stuff on intersection of social media/paywalls and print.


I'm rooting for them too, but "hard" is the understatement of the century. It would be difficult to have created a more frustrating user experience if they had tried.

Thank goodness Binker posts his most interesting stuff on Facebook.



There is a lot of unfriendly coding out in cyberspace, not just the N&R.

I run into these sorts of issues, frequently, in job hunting. As of now I see no pattern in who executes poor coding practices.

Maybe the execution of 'best practices' is generally dismissed by coders/clients ?


If it won't work on iPhones and iPads, maybe it works on HP's TouchPad. Oh, wait…

Isn't it a PDF publication? I have an iPad and PDF is not a problem. What did they do to it?

If I owned a newspaper and wanted to put stuff online (which is not the same as putting a newspaper online), and assuming I lacked the resources of the NYT, et al, I'd use a very simple, very mimimal design, and tease each headline in Twitter. I'd put display ads along the bottom of each individual story display. I'd charge people to get rid of the ads, but no one would need to click through an ad to see a story. If I was in the right market ad had the right staff, I might sell immediate access to the stories, and make them free one hour later.

If I wasn't happy after one year, I'd can the entire operation.

sean coon

i remember being at a convergesouth session, oh, maybe five years ago, where staff from the n&r, a philly paper and a few others i've since forgotten were bemoaning their industry and the obvious path it was heading down. when the floor opened up, i asked, "if your owners & editors suck so bad, refusing to listen to you, why don't you quit, start your own online news organization and do it right?"

unfortunately, most journalists aren't entrepreneurs. a low overhead, high quality output operation can succeed online.

as for the site problems you ran up against, ed, they're all ridiculously simple issues that even the most basic front-end developer should have handled the first go around. it's a joke that the n&r puts out such garbage.


I suffered exactly the same problems as Ed. And they wonder why we have no respect for them... or maybe they don't.


echo Ed and Fec's comments.I gave up

Billy Jones

I gave up too.

I thought I'd add, I used to think my problem was that I was using a 14 year old iMac but I am now using a brand spanking new PC running Windows 7 and still have the same issues. So now I know it's not me.

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