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Aug 28, 2011


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Alien Lizard Scout

In my belief system, the fact that Hurricane Irene made a path straight for Pat Robertson's hometown is an accident of geography and tropical cyclone tracking.*Ed

That is correct! We program Irene to nail the sucker in the Ass, but the USA Harp program derailed the attack and Irene ended up nailing a Republican Transgender Crossdressing Center in Surf City Virgina by accident.


Is this the same Pat Robertson who won the Ames straw poll in 1988? lolRepublicans

Bill Yaner

Why on earth is there news coverage at all of the Iowa Straw Pole? We'd do better asking the 6th grade class of Our Holy Trinity elementary in Elizabeth, NJ who they want for our next President.


"Why on earth is there news coverage at all of the Iowa Straw Pole?"

There'd and pole'd. Embrace your party, phanner.

Bill Yaner

Not sure what that means, A.C. But I'm sticking with those sixth graders.


"the Iowa Straw Pole"

An effigy erected each autumn to celebrate Stanisław of Dubuque, who first introduced the corn dog.

Bill Yaner

Corn dog. Hmmm!

Billy Jones

Either Pat seems plausible.

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