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Jul 31, 2011


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Uh, Gibsonville and Burlington, for staters.......

Ed Cone

I'm sorry, your answer is not clear to me. Are you saying Gibsonville and Burlington would object? If so, what would be the basis of the objections?


I, George Hartzman, challenge two members of the leadership
opposed to reopening the White Street Landfill
to a public debate
in a venue of their choice,
with a moderator and debate rules of their choosing,
and on any other subject of their choice.

Two on one, time divided equally between three,
meaning George Hartzman will speak one third of the time
advocating for the landfill to be reopened,
while those who support the landfill remaining closed
will control the majority of the time,
the subject matter and the sequencing of rhetoric.

Steve Harrison

I don't object! Is that NIMBY? That could be NIMBY. But since locating a county prison farm a stone's throw away from the Guilford/Alamance County line was probably a NIMBY move on the part of Greensborians in the first place, I don't feel so guilty.

Steve Harrison

Just to be clear: I was not objecting to the landfill, not not objecting to the free-verse, third-person overture for a debate.

Granted, it's a slight improvement over stating your beliefs via the use of three dozen questions. But Gabriel is still weeping.

John D. Young

In the ongoing debate over the proper landfill for Greensboro it should definitely be located in Guilford County. Trash from Guilford County should not be shipped into poor or less affluent regions of NC. Montgomery County is not a proper solution.


The old guy, Mr Nunez that comes to every city council meeting has said use the prison farm for the landfill many times. Nobody listens to him because they think he is feeble minded.

Billy Jones

No mention in the article of Duke Energy leaves me to wonder if National Solar Power is on the up and up or if they are simply playing us to get incentives from another city elsewhere. Duke Energy will have final say as to who and how electricity is produced and distributed in Guilford County.

Someone should clue Joe as to how electricity works.

Billy Jones

Ed: "...why not build a state-of-the-art landfill on the old prison farm property?"

For starters, it's not a landfill that is being proposed. Seems Joe isn't the only one who needs a clue.

Ed Cone

I don't understand your comment, Billy -- I am proposing a landfill (or an ecoplex, or whatever), or at least asking why one is not proposed.


"The old guy, Mr Nunez [sic] that comes to every city council meeting has said use the prison farm for the landfill many times. Nobody listens to him because they think he is feeble minded." -- Ron

Actually, a blogger previously suggested naming a possible garbage facility on the prison farm property after Leon Nutez.

A rightfully prudent evaluation of the site would put its fruition many years in the future, it's not the solution to the current debate, but it may well be a long term solution and I too, like Ed and Mr. Nutez, wonder why the ongoing trash talk hasn't been more comprehensive -- comprehensive enough to include an evaluation of the City operating a reopened White Street facility and undertaking an examination of the potential of the prison farm property.


Actually, some obvious reasons there is no discussion of the landfill being proposed at the prison farm include (1) the farm is owned by the county while the landfill needs are a City of Greensboro project (2) and given that the county and city can't seem to agree on anything lately I'm not sure they would ever come to an agreement on price and disposition of the property (3) and most importantly, while the citizens in the city limits of Greensboro have access to city water, the folks around the prison farm use only well water and (4) the "lining" that is put at the bottom of a landfill is not waterproof and the leachate will eventually go into the water supply and aquifers below and eventually into wells, which is why they have test wells around most landfills to monitor leakage.

So essentially, your premise is to have two political entities who don't get along to try and come up with a deal to put (mostly) city garbage out in a rural area where it will be guaranteed to pollute their water supply and put massive large truck traffic on rural roads. Hmmm.

Ed Cone

All regional plans, including the one we use now and longer-range visions, involve GSO working with other governments, so reason 1 doesn't matter much.

The other points, though, may be decisive arguments against the feasibility of such a project.

Billy Jones

Ed: "I don't understand your comment, Billy -- I am proposing a landfill (or an ecoplex, or whatever), or at least asking why one is not proposed."

One linked article spoke of a solar farm and the other a Waste to Energy plant. Neither are landfills.

I've been saying for years, even went before city council, that a Waste to Energy plant at the White Street location was the only thing that made sense.

Calling a Waste to Energy plant a landfill is divisive. Landfilling is not a viable option and shouldn't be on the table or a part of the conversation.

As for Greensboro working with other governments... Malarkey! I've said for years that Greensboro should lead the way and build a modern waste to energy plant (not an incinerator) so that Greensboro could take in waste from other communities and generate revenue and high tech jobs for the City. Forget working with other communities: the first city to complete a waste to energy plant gets the prize-- the others pay to play.


"Are you saying Gibsonville and Burlington would object?"

Uh, yeah....along with Elon, Whitsett, and any area in the path of the trucks hauling White Street's rejects.

"If so, what would be the basis of the objections?"

Why should any area (Eastern Guilford/Western Alamance) experiencing decent growth/quality of life feel any obligation to be the guinea pig of their surly neighbor to the west?

Not everyone's life is centered around Jefferson Square.

Ed Cone

I don't know where Jefferson Square is, but I do know that a lot of people think it's acceptable for Greensboro to dump garbage within its city limits.

If a large site that housed prisoners and lies some distance from the towns named above is a problem for its relatively distant neighbors, then how is reopening White Street even on the table?


The term "Jefferson Square" used to refer to the Elm/Market intersection adjacent to the Jefferson Standard building.

The county prison farm property is less than a mile north of Gibsonville's town limits, probably abuts their ETJ, and isn't much farther from Elon.

If something like the Catawba County solution were proposed for White Street, would the NIMBY outcry subside?


How quickly people have forgotten the perfect example of regionalism Randleman Dam which isn't located within Guilford County. Regionalism is when governments work together for a mutual solution.

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