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Jul 27, 2011


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She is correct here. Just dumb.


The return to huckstering, selling of produce you purchase from a wholesaler, is something supported by a very few "farmers" in the market. I suspect they do not support our approach of maintaining the current rules and moving the market forward.

Thanks goodness we have Smith Farms and Rudd Farms, two of the largest farmers in the market who only grow what they sell, support our proposal, and would be very disadvantaged by huckstering. Thank them when you see them on Saturday.

David Craft

Gerry Alfano

One of the primary reasons that the Vendor Advisory Committee rewrote the market rules was the fact that vendors who were buying and reselling were not following the rules. The old rules stated that farmers could only buy and resell during the "off season", i.e., November through April. It also stated that they needed to have signs indicating the source of the produce. The hucksters continued buying and reselling during the local farm season and never marked the source of their produce. This was unfair to the customers (the motto of the farmers' market should not be "buyer beware")and to the farmers who were growing their own produce. Most customers come to the market expecting to buy from the farmer who is growing the produce.

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