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Jun 16, 2011


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A. C.

Who was our last sitting mayor to go down in a primary?

Bill Cunningham

Nothing in that order that prohibts the city from ending the wasteful practice of hauling our garbage to Montgomery County and from reopening the permitted section of White St. The taxpayers in other districts are helping finance this foolishness and the profligate spending of millions when we have a perfectly good facility capable of accepting refuse for a decade or more.

How do you unincorporate part of a city ?

Perkins for Chief of Animal Control !

Ed Cone

"How do you unincorporate part of a city?"

Which part would you unincorporate, Bill?

Seems that the injunction would make a 15-year contract would be a bit iffy.


wfmy just showed video of the white street landfill from 2007-"the last time the landfill was used"


Well I could see council's decision being reversed. Opponents don't even have to win the legal battle if this is tied up in court past the month of November. We will likely see a number of new council members that will likely reverse the decision this council has made.


Another landfill option? Let Rockingham County take our trash or some of it. A new landfill is being proposed and they will take trash within a 60 mile radius. The city would still save money because trash wouldn't be hauled as far.



Has anybody ever addressed the question of why 15 years? I've seen it asked several times, but never seen even a guess at an answer.


Ron, that proposed landfill would be on the banks of the Dan river. That's dumb enough. Just downstream, the city of Eden and Miller Brewing use the Dan as a water source.


council members in support of reopening the White Street Landfill are in a tough spot because the contract with Montgomery County ends this fall and if this lawsuit drags on into the fall, the council members may be forced into a new contract with Montgomery County. Our trash has to go somewhere. In other cities lawsuits against landfills have dragged on for more than a year.

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