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Jun 04, 2011


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Billy Jones

"Certainly if a contractor signs a 15-year contract to operate the White Street Landfill, that contractor is going to want to go through the permitting of Phase IV and Phase V because Phase III has an estimated lifespan of two to six years."

Not necessarily.

When the landfill is full then it can continue to operate as a public/private transfer station and recycling center. There are no more properties in Guilford County that will get approval from NCDENR and EPA to be used as for a landfill, thus all existing landfills will eventually close and/or be converted to transfer stations and landfill mines. A foot in the door. This is what the waste disposal companies are shooting for. It doesn't matter to them if they can't expand because they've done their cost and profit estimates based on worst case scenarios-- the worst case being no further expansion of the landfill.

Whichever company wins will get 15 years of property usage at no cost. That in itself is worth $Millions. In the meantime the winner charges the city for land-filling, recycling and waste disposal. A transfer station at White Street will be necessary as these companies will separate and recycle lots of materials the City recycling program doesn't handle. Or doesn't handle well.

As to the reason a 15 year contract is required: either of these companies will be buying and bringing in new equipment the City does not currently have, to the tune of $Millions and will need time to recoup their investments.

I know and I've done business with both parties involved, I know what they do and how they do it. To assume that either company will bury everything in the ground is ludicrous. If the average consumer knew the value of the things you throw away then we'd have no need for municipal waste services.

There is value in everything you throw away-- everything. These guys know that and they know how to profit from it. They also know that putting garbage in a hole is dumb.

And finally, If they get the contract then the winner will make $Billions from the mining of what is already underground.

So why don't these companies come out and say they won't need to expand the landfill? Simple: They're hoping for a best case scenario.

Billy Jones

PS. Someone from NCDNR who wouldn't want me to drop names, told me that if properly managed, Phase III could continue for 20-30 years, but improperly managed probably less than 5.

Billy Jones

PPS: I'm surprised no one on City Council has mentioned the new privately owned Transfer Station currently being operated on the corner of East Wendover and Buchannan Church Rd. Especially being they have no permits and are not zoned properly.

Shows how much our elected representatives really care about East Greensboro.

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