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Jun 13, 2011


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Billy Jones

This might make some folks feel better. I know I do.

Preston Earle

That TPM chart is scary at first glance. It took me a while to decipher it. (All those extra zeros on the left axis didn't help.) It says workers' incomes are 96% of what they were six years ago, relative to national income--not good, but not quite as alarming as it seems at first glance.


The secret on how to make a small fortune in the market-start with a large one.


>>"...the sector accounts for less than 10% of the value added in the economyā€¯

Worth remembering, especially next time you don't can't get a loan. The financial sector seems to have figured out how to make loads of money without necessarily lending any of it to people who want to do things like buy houses and meet payroll.

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