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May 04, 2011


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What was the lag time between the Register of Deeds uncovering fraudulent docs story appearing here and its publication in the N&R?

Ed Cone

That one was on the blog (and Thigpen's FB page) on Saturday...it hit the paper yesterday.

It's easy to say Haha blogz faster!, but these are two substantive local stories that would seem to be in the N&R's wheelhouse...

Joe Killian

Chalk it up to the diminished staff.

If it breaks on a weekend (or late Friday) and is not major crime or a big death, it's usually going to get covered the next week. We've got one reporter on Saturday and Sunday and they're usually covering breaking stuff (crime and event coverage). Most beat short of someone dying or resigning has to wait until Monday.

The Thigpen thing was on Facebook over the weekend and my tackling it on Monday means it hit our site Monday and the paper Tuesday. Am also attending the press conference today.

Amanda had her hands full the last two days so I also wrote the story about Greensboro and High Point's reaction to the county's proposed tax increase.

We're not any happier about it than anyone else, trust me. But I do think the newspaper stories have advanced the issues and/or helped people understand their nuances, even if they're largely not doing it on the weekends.


No, it's not just "faster." Indeed, it seems to me as if one value channel remaining for newspapers is as purveyors of slower but better researched, better explained information -- just not slower than necessary.

And where they have faster channels (website, blogs), one has to wonder why the taxes and Thigpen stories lagged behind print.


I stand corrected on the Thigpen story lagging print; and while I understand the explanation, a weekend should not be an excuse by a professional news organization for a three day delay in getting a story to the web.


Are Joe and Amanda running the newspaper out of their house yet?


And speaking of channels, is it just me or does anybody else get an unresolvable error when clicking on "place an ad" here: http://triadmarketplace.news-record.com/

Billy Jones

ED: "The City Council is doing an effective job of uniting people on a variety of issues, although much of that unity is in opposition to the City Council."

Daddy always taught me to do what you're good at.

Roch: "is it just me or does anybody else get an unresolvable error when clicking on "place an ad" here: http://triadmarketplace.news-record.com/"

A solution is in the making...

Patrick: "Are Joe and Amanda running the newspaper out of their house yet?"

They're renting a mini storage warehouse.

"Are Joe and Amanda running the newspaper out of their house yet?"


David Craft

What are the variances in the districts under this plan?

Will this keep us from having to redistrict for 10 more years?

Was there ever a chart that compared the effects of the various plans?


I think a lot of people are going to lose their seats on city council after November. I rarely vote in city council elections but I will be voting this time and I am sure many others are thinking like me.




Ron, maybe you will put an end to the rarely, be proactive instead of reactive and not wait until you see something you deem unacceptable before participating.


Hey, Roch, clicking that link worked for me, but if you are still having problems, please e-mail me at melissa.umbarger@news-record.com and I will get you to someone who can help you.

Andrew Brod

David, we didn't "have to" redistrict this time!

No matter what plan was passed (including the retention of the previous district map), no changes will be needed until after the 2020 census. My understanding is that redistricting is driven by census results, not intercensal estimates.


We need to hurry up and vote these clowns out of office. Word is Sears is looking at possibly relocated its corporate headquarters along with 6,000 corporate jobs to North Carolina. Although no specific city has been identified, we need to have some strong pro-business and forward thinking leaders on city council to push for them to come to the Greensboro area should they decide to move to North Carolina. The current city-council would screw up any chance of that happening. Greensboro already has a Sears distribution center along with a call center.

Andrew Brod

Sears? I know a big building on Lawndale they could probably use.

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