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May 22, 2011


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Don't want to piss off the bears. A 2006 study at Montana State found that grizzlies are equal anywhere from 2.5 to 5.0 humans in strength -- not counting for rage. You could probably derive black bear strength from that and say 1.5 to 4.0 humans in strength when not angry. Witnesses said the Battleground bear looked like it was a 60-pound bear. As such, it would not be too much of a threat on general terms, but how much of a multiplying factor is "rage"?

Safe to say, an angry 60-pound black bear, with claws that are more hooked than either grizzlies or polar bears, would do grave damage to any normal-sized human unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of its wrath.


MojoNixon, agreed.

So, why were the wildlife officers so derelict as to allow the bear to leave without relocating it to an area that would be safer not only to humans, but the bear as well?

Why is this tolerated?

Steve Harrison

Everybody seems to be working from the assumption the bear "strayed" into town, and would be better off back in the wilderness. A bear's life is a lonely life, you know. Maybe he has aspirations of becoming an "urban bear", enriching himself with culture and clever philosophical debate. And the food?

"I'll have the salmon, extremely rare, and please inform Henri to go easy with the sauce. I have enough trouble fitting into my tux as it is."

Bear Fan

The bear was last seen traveling south from that location.* Greensboro City Press Release

More Breaking News on the Greensboro Bear... The Bear was reported to been in Charlotte at the Carolina Pathers Corporate HeadQuarters since he was traded by the Chicago Bears to the Panthers as a replacement Defensive End should the NFL and Players Union continue the Lockout for the coming season..A Spokesperson for the Panthers said the Bear was paying for his own travel expenses since the Chicago Bears trade him for a Pot of Gold Honey..

Tia Triplett

Has anyone heard of a motorist striking a bear on tuesday May 17th, 2011 around 2am??? My mother totaled her Ford explorer in this accident. She originally thought it was a cow in the middle of I-85 in Greensboro but the animal was never found. Being from the original "Farmville" we are all very aware that cow hair is very course. Bear fur however, is not! And the evidence left on the vehicle is most certian not a cow!


Poor bear! I hope that he finds somewhere safe and isolated to hang out. I doubt that he wants all the attention he's getting.

Ed, thanks for the prompt about the comments on the previous post. Steve, your comment about the hillbilly bears at Celebration Station made me laugh out loud -- again. ;)

Tia, Farmville, NC?

Billy Jones

Someone tell me where the bear is now and I'll entice it to move to my neighborhood in East Greensboro by hanging food from the rear bumper of my truck and driving slowly away.

Bears make better neighbors than people and never drive down the street with car stereos playing so loudly the windows in your house rattle.
Bears will never steal your car or your money.
Bears don't party all night or sell crack on the corner.
Bears never car jack or do drive-by shootings.
Bears don't throw beer and wine bottles from their cars.
Bears don't call you a racist when you complain to a neighbor about her 15 year old son's jumping up and down on the roof of your car.

Seriously folks, I have fantasies about importing hordes of bears into my neighborhood.


Billy, sounds like a job for these bears! ;)

Steve Harrison

I think those animatronic bears made me more nervous than a real bear would. Of course, I've never had a real bear stare at me while I'm trying to eat a slice of pizza. But still.

Billy Jones

Their growl isn't loud enough-- I want my neighbors to pray the bears go away, not pray they'll stay.

PS. You're cute as ever!

Morgan Glover

Here is an explanation from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission on why officers don't trap and relocate bears: http://www.ncwildlife.org/wildlife_species_con/WSC_Black_Bear_PC_No_Relocate.htm


Bear shot at then killed at PTI.

As I asked earlier in the thread:
So, why were the wildlife officers so derelict as to allow the bear to leave without relocating it to an area that would be safer not only to humans, but the bear as well?

I guess bearing the weight of derelict wildlife officers falls to the bears more than silly witty city folk.

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