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Apr 20, 2011


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David Hoggard

Mary says of the redistricting plan in this morning's paper that she has "no idea where it came from", it just "mysteriously showed up on her doorstep".

This whole thing is beyond the pale. I've been around enough to understand much of how things get done at City Hall, but anyone who supports this action - or at the least doesn't make every effort to get it reconsidered by the full Council - should reconsider running for their seat again unless they enjoy losing.

Even I feel "disenfranchised" by this move, and I wasn't re-redistricted. Surely I'm not alone in feeling that way.

Nancy. I know you read Ed's blog as religiously as I. Move to re-consider.

David Craft

I am not there.........yet, said Nancy Vaughan in the News and Record about reconsidering the motion.


why is this? Why is she so interested in help Mary Rakestraw? How can she look herself in the mirror after what she has done? What she has done is very unethical and she knows it.


Second that. This thing stinks on ice. Someone needs to call for a do-over (or an un-do).


The map says it all look at the spring garden area that is about as bad as your favorite rep brad miller uses a sliver to get the voters from guilford county and the admission in today's paper as what David says is more evidence that this was a sham from the beginning . Let's see if zack will speak out, and hopefully Nancy will consider.


Worse, per the N&R article, Nancy essentially blames Zack for not telling the council there was opposition to redistricting. Did she not see the full room in front of her?

Joe Killian

To be fair, she did not say that she would have changed her mind about the redistricting had she known, she just say that Zack was appointed to be the point man on this and that he didn't make a recommendation and didn't communicate to them that there was as much opposition as she saw there.

That said, she said it's not unusual for there to be a lot of opposition on a controversial issue and that doesn't always mean you should change your vote.


Zack, man up and take some responsibility. Nancy, you need to do the wrong thing and bring this up for ALL of council to vote on this. Its unfair to the rest of council and its unfair to the citizens of Greensboro. Right now the citizens of Greensboro are pissed and it looks like we may see a lot of new faces on city council after November.


The thing is nobody is explaining why they voted the way they did and thats a slap in the face to the citizens of Greensboro. Nancy said she didn't say anything because of the environment in council chambers. Nancy why didn't you explain yourself to the media afterwards. Nobody is explaining why they voted to support this plan because they know they were wrong. There is no way to explain it. It was political maneuvering to help Mary Rakestraw.


Joe - Your explanation of Nancy's words and actions doesn't remove the idiocy of her rationale.

Joe Killian

That's somebody else's job. I was just giving a little context.


Oh right, I'm gonna turn out at a redistricting meeting to oppose a move I never saw coming. Shame on us for not being clairvoyant.

Don Moore

Distracting. Nobody is watching the budget.

Joe Killian

Somebody's watching, Don. Two stories in the two days since the manager's proposed budget was made public.

On top of -- not instead of -- the three redistricting stories we've had.



Patrick Eakes

I am in Chicago and ran into a councilman today. When he heard I was from Greensboro, he said we could teach folks in Chicago a thing or two about how to get politics done.

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