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Apr 20, 2011


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Billy Jones

So, a few cows drink tainted water and a little bit of some unknown chemicals contaminate a few hundred gallons of milk... no worry.

Steve Harrison

Here's the WNEP video and writeup. Apparently it's just "one of those things that happen, gotta live with it." ;/


If only there were fewer regulations on this type of drilling, then the free market would have worked its magic and this out-of-control spill would have never happened.

Billy Jones

Way cool, soon, with all that salt we should be able to catch seafood up stream. Think about how much fuel we'll save by not having to sail expensive gas hog fishing boats out into the ocean and catch shrimp in the crick.

Steve Harrison

Not to mention, we won't have to drive to the beach to get salt water taffy.

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