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Apr 21, 2011


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The Map Stork

Where is Zack? Apparently I caused the right honorable Rakestraw quite a bit of trouble by dropping of the package at her house in Zack's absence.

Jack Hart

Actually he should have said something like this...'Oh my goodness...there is some gerrymandering going on here...and it's republicans doing it...this is wrong!"

Ed Cone

So far, the "how" of redistricting has been more of an issue than the "what."

The Council has agreed to revisit the process, because the process that played out was not a good one -- in fact, I don't think I've seen anyone defend the process that led to Tuesday's vote.

Now, with the Council having unanimously agreed to revisit the issue and improve the process, perhaps we can begin to discuss the substance of the plan itself.

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