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Feb 01, 2011


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btw, from the CWFNC website, the two showings of GASLAND have been rescheduled.

ROCKINGHAM CO.: Wednesday, February 2, at the Mayodan Public Library (6 p.m.)
DAVIE CO.: Thursday, February 3, at the Mocksville Public Library (6 p.m.)


Let's see if the oil companies get off with with feigned frowns and cutting checks to both parties.

Of course, per the GOP, there's nothing wrong with this since it involves giant corporations making even bigger profits, as our Founding Fathers intended.

Ed Cone

Early yet, but the NC GOP has sounded pretty reasonable about fracking so far.


True enough, Ed. Sometimes it's hard to resist a chance to be snarky.

Will Tax For Food

So I guess it's easier to strike oil when you know where you put the oil?

Seriously, diesel fuel is the least of our fracking concerns as they won't even tell us what other chemicals they're using or how widespread the practice is.

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