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Aug 06, 2010


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fox= trebic cartel meet hen house= ruco

Brandon Burgess

What do you expect from this council? One council-member thinks we can improve one side of town simply by changing the street name.

Hopefully Mr. Kee and Mr. Knight will show some leadership on this issue. I doubt they will but I can hope.


what do you expect ed from as we all know who pulls the purse strings in greensboro the TREBIC CARTEL.


Keith is always saying things that sound like, "TREBIC = the devil." To which, I say things like, "Oh, Keith, they're just doing their job." However, this latest RUCO ridiculousness is severely straining my attempts at neutrality and making me re-think the benefit-of-the-doubt sense of play-fairishness that I had graciously and voluntarily granted to TREBIC. Hmmm... :/


Michele it has taken me well over 2 years for you to finally hear me out on trebic because we learned a great lesson after the fight for protest petition in that trebic cartel will go to any lenghts to get their way fighting and compromising till the end . Ruco is another example of this and what the trebic cartel wants to do. I hope that the neighborhood congress and plenty of others will fight this and not let the trebic cartel get their way. Remember it was a few years ago that they did compromise and now they want to completely gut, that is a shame.

George Hartzman

And the Pulpit Forum steps up to represent a great many of thier parishoners?


Does Cardes Brown have RUCO violations he needs to take care of?

Michele Forrest

"I hope that the neighborhood congress and plenty of others will fight this..."

Me, too.

George Hartzman

Where is Jim Kee?

Where is Bellamy-Small?

Where is Skip Alston?

Where is Zack Matheny?

Where is Mary Rakestraw?

Where is the Mayor?

Is the only Councilperson willing to wiegh in in public Robbie Perkins, for obvious reasons, especially after he supported gutting the program a few years ago?

Where is Trudy Wade?

Look at the TREBIC names in her disclosures and how now she's obfuscating.

Wheres Danny Thompson, worring about some porn?

This issue scares the C&*P out of council because this is where the campaign money comes from, and they don't want to turn off thier respective spigots.

People's lives are getting played with, and the politicians are trying to protect their cash flows.

These people let an industry lobbyist on the RUCO taskforce.

These people let the taskforce meet at the lobbyist's office.

If the bloggers and political watchers in Greensboro let this go, we should be collectively ashamed of ourselves.

Michele Forrest

Wow. Amen.


"Where is Skip Alston?"

On the County Commissioners.

Jordan Green

I'll sound like a Cardes Brown defender, and that I am. Rev. Brown's church has outstanding housing code violations that need to be corrected. They won't have a RUCO violation unless they tried to rent out the substandard house that they own before the code violations are corrected.

Michele Forrest

Jordan, has the house ever had a RUCO? If you can provide the address, I can look it up. And that may not be a "yes" to George's question, but it's not a "no," either. It leans heavily toward "yes."

Jordan Green

2100 Colson St.

Jordan Green

The reason I don't think it's a RUCO violation is because property owners were not required to have their rental units certified until Jan. 1, 2009, and the trustees at New Light Missionary Baptist Church say the tenants moved out about two years ago.

But hey, maybe they told me wrong. Have I missed anything else.

Michele Forrest

Jordan, the case is listed as active with City Inspections.

Here's the history:

2/11/10 Initiate housing process
2/11/10 Unsafe building
2/11/10 Vacant
2/11/10 Hearing notice
3/11/10 Not in compliance
3/11/10 Hearing
3/11/10 Repairs will cost < 50%
3/11/10 Repair order
4/14/10 Reinspection
4/14/10 Not in compliance
4/14/10 Vacant & closed
4/14/10 Schedule reinspection
4/19/10 Reinspesction
5/19/10 Not in compliance
5/19/10 Vacant & closed
5/19/10 Schedule reinspection

The current violations involve exterior structure, interior structure, electrical equipment and water system.

The initial entry is "initiate housing process," so I would assume there wasn't a RUCO issued previously for this property. So, as you said, that would make these housing code violations preventing the owner from obtaining a RUCO.

David Boyd

Reading a George Hartzman post is like being at a poetry slam.

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