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Aug 18, 2010


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Dr. Mary Johnson

Or maybe the North Carolina justice system should just work on cleaning up its act.

I know. Not a big priority for the progressive blues who've been in charge for so long.


It's gone national: CBS radio news at 5pm did a piece.

Konvoluta Staynburger

clinton's first act as a centrist democratic candidate was to make sure a retarded negro was executed. what better way to prove yourself a legitimate power seeker that to use the power you have to kill someone. voters love eugenics and torture in some form or another, especially progressives and conservatives. no nation has ever been known for its mercy.

Dr. Mary Johnson

It SHOULD go national. The SORRY/corrupt state of the North Carolina justice system should have been big news long ago.

But power-seekers cover their own, don't they?

I guess Roy's really gonna have a hard time becoming Governor now.

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