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Jun 23, 2010


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Account Deleted

Epic. My friend has been facebooking about the match since it was 29-28 in the fifth set. Amazing.


The only thing epic about the match is Isner and Mahut's collective epic ineptitude at breaking service. The only way the match ends will be because of a colossal failure by one of them over the course of a game where the break comes about because of double-faults or unforced errors. Neither one of them would have advanced beyond this round with a triple-doughnut victory because of the glaringly obvious deficiencies in their games.

Mercifully, at this moment, they have now called it a day at exactly 10 hours. The best thing they could do would be, a la the World Cup today if England and the US had both drawn their games and the English had scored two more goals in their game than the US did in theirs -- put two balls in a hat and draw one out so one gets to advance.

John Tasker

It's already the record for the longest match by about 3 hours. BBC link attached http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/tennis/8753437.stm

Last I heard it was 68 - 68, if I heard it correctly. Entire Wimbledon focus is on this match on court 18, way off from the center courts.


Crikie Ed, I commented on Isner under USA at 1:27pm.

Mojo, I don't disagree, the men's game has devolved into nothing but the big serve; at least the ladies can get a rally going once in a while.

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