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May 03, 2010


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BP's only offering "up to $5000" as a bribe? Geez, isn't Massey offering $5 million to the families of his victims?


Do Rush listeners understand cognitive dissonance? We all have our understanding of the world challenged from time to time, but I cannot listen to Rush without thinking that the people who give him credence must find themselves in perpetual disillusionment and confusion.


Roch: spag, cp and bubba want to borrow your car.

greensboro transplant

lol. that gawker post was shameless.

the headline read "Rush Limbaugh: Oil Spill Was Deliberate Act By Environmentalists". but limbaugh said nothing of the sort.

i'm not a limbaugh listener, but i'd give him more credence than i'd give someone who posted crap like that.

linking to that stuff is beneath you ed. you can do better than that.


So why has Obama sent SWAT teams to the Gulf in response to this?


Meanwhile, the Obama administration has cancelled this awards ceremony.

Apparently, the results might be too embarrassing for Team Obama.

Roger Greene

The reason he sent the SWAT teams is this: [url]http://[/url]

Roger Greene

I'm gonna get this html tag right if it kills me or Ed's blog.



Like the shennanigans that caused the economic meltdown in 2008, this latest disaster is more evidence that a corporate market freed of regulation is not capable of protecting the public from the blowback produced by its mistakes, witting or unwitting.

Befpre the usual suspects pop up out of the woodwork, note that advocating adequate corporate market regulation is not equivalent to advocating the abolition of the corporate market. However, the challenge rests with anti-regulation free market purists to demonstrate how classic market forces might have prevented this oil spill, to explain how market pressures might have induced BP to have taken another course. And, then, if they meet that challenge, to explain how those market forces will prevent all explosions and spills at all off-shore wells.


"However, the challenge rests with anti-regulation free market purists to demonstrate how classic market forces might have prevented this oil spill....."

No, the challenge is going to be how Team Obama can avoid the accountablity for their screwup:

"The Mobile Register reports that Ron Gouget, who formerly managed the oil spill cleanup department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as a similar unit for the state of Louisiana, is criticizing the Obama White House's failure to act according to existing government plans in the event of a spill in the area now being deluged with thousands of barrels of crude oil every day....

...'It may have been a political issue. The burn would make a big big plume and lots of soot. Like Valdez, the decisions to get the resources mobilized may not have occurred until it was too late,' Gouget told the Register. 'This whole thing has been a daily strip tease. At first they thought it was just the diesel, then they said the well wasn't leaking. It's unfortunate they didn't get the burning going right away. They could have gotten 90 percent of the oil before it spread.' "

Doug Ross:

"But the White House response has consisted of dispatching lawyers to New Orleans and shutting down other rigs that have nothing to do with the BP disaster. On April 30th -- ten days after the catastrophic explosion -- the oil and gas news site RigZone reported that the White House had forbidden new drilling:

'Yesterday, the administration escalated its response to the oil spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico following the rig's collapse in approximately 5,000 ft. of water on April 22... On Friday, top advisor David Axelrod said, 'No additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what has happened here.' He also defended the White House's response to the April 20 blowout incident, saying 'we had the Coast Guard in almost immediately...'

I'll say it again: this is a scandal. Why did NOAA not execute its pre-approved plan to contain the spill?

Furthermore, a lazy, incompetent legacy media-complex thoroughly ignored this issue, apparently hypnotized by the President's teleprompter as he campaigned endlessly as the disaster unfolded."

Let's look at the Oilgate timeline.

Doug Ross:

"Perhaps if the oil breached the Louisiana levees, then caught on fire, and then turned New Orleans into a Dresden-like inferno, the President would stop campaigning for a couple of days and actually pay attention to his own, personal Katrina. Even The New York Times has noticed, decrying the President's lackadaisical response. But I'm guessing that somehow, someway, it's all President Bush's fault."

greensboro transplant

interesting bubba.

perhaps i misread ed's post. maybe he meant that the left was deflecting attention away from obama's sorry ass response by centering the attention on limbaugh.

i'm just curious if roch even read the post or what limbaugh said.

Account Deleted

Does anybody know who got the most political donations from BP in the last election cycle?


It's interesting, but expected, that Bubba is playing his game of 'paste in big quotes" rather than addressing the substance of someone's comment. I'm sure Red State, et al, have already furnished their "How To Pin This On Obama" kit for all their loyal cadets.


the market has pinned it on Cameron Inds. nyse: CAM. they've receieved more of a hit than BP.


"It's interesting, but expected, that Bubba is playing his game of 'paste in big quotes" rather than addressing the substance of someone's comment."

In other words, you have nothing of substance to say on the facts of this issue, and instead choose to deflect attention away from yet another Obama failure, and make it about me.

Good work, corbs. Too bad it's too transparent in it's intent.

Anything else?

David Wharton

The rhetoric coming from the Obama administration on this isn't so hot, either. I heard Ken Salazar say on the radio the other day that his job is to keep our boot on the neck of BP. Now there's a regulation paradigm justcorbly can love!


"i'm just curious if roch even read the post or what limbaugh said." -- GT

I read the post and what it reported was the Limbaugh quote in it. Your point?

greensboro transplant

"I read the post and what it reported was the Limbaugh quote in it. Your point?"

sure the quote was in the gawker post. but that wasn't the focus/intent of their post.

they posted the headline "Rush Limbaugh: Oil Spill Was Deliberate Act By Environmentalists". limbaugh never said that.

it sounded to me that you were keying off the lie, not what limbaugh said. just seems odd to me that a reasonable person would read the post and not immediately question/condemn the the gawker's hatchet job.


Oh, sorry you misunderstood.

Steve Harrison

Primary sources, people. Get it from the horse's ass himself:

"Don't forget, the original Earth Day, 40 years ago, was inspired by the river in Cleveland catching fire. Forty years later, the day before Earth Day this year, the Gulf is on fire. Coincidence? Jury's still out."

"... what better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I'm just noting the timing here."

Roger Greene

Well, without sorting through the above for Limbaugh quotes, I'm still curious as to what caused the explosion. I haven't seen much on that, though I could have missed it. I did find a funny Russian link, though I think they were serious.

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