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Mar 28, 2010


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..."and each large dot represents locations where more than 1,000 residents submitted a nomination."

I submitted mine on day 1. Too bad 999 more Greensboro residents didn't do the same.

I guess it just goes to show what I've been saying for years, "Greensboro sucks."

Annette Cox

Here's a link to the Santa Monica Google video. Not as good as I expected.

Annette Cox

Here's the link to the Santa Monico video. Sorry.


Seems like Google likes the stunts after all.

Steve Harrison

They may be calling it an April Fool's joke, but I think Google and Topeka are sniffing each other's butts...I mean, taking their relationship to another level.


"Too bad 999 more Greensboro residents didn't do the same."

Huh? From what I can tell, there is a dot over Greensboro. It is hard to say with certainty -- which is why I'm not convinced you know what you are talking about, Billy, when you say 999 other Greensboro residents did not do the same.


BTW, Billy, I consider you a friend, but I think you were pretty dishonest to run for mayor and not let us know then that you think "Greensboro sucks."

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