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Nov 18, 2009


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As described at the CC meeting, there have been attempts by preservationists to 'do more than fight' by offering to purchase the property a while back. Unfortunately, the property owner sold to the current developers and those current developers/owners owners have been EXTREMELY unwilling to engage in productive dialogue in which new development could be accommodated as well as the rehabilitation of the Commencement House.

Councilmember Wells drew timely parallels to the Sebastian Village development- The current owners would do well to review similar projects to see how preservation and development actually do go hand in hand.

Keep in mind that 'preservationists' have been addressing the Commencement House since Dec. 2008! The property owners have taken YEARS to fund and plan for a successful project, but continually come up short due lack of context and meaningful integration to the area and worst of all, just plain stubbornness.

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