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Sep 03, 2009


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Sounds like he does a lot prematurely like..... announce where he is running and as what? You know, little things like that. However, honestly, I do believe his explanation (though I caught more than a whiff) is heart felt. Better done now than after a win I suppose. Betterer if done before running for office. All this moving about on where to run, party affiliation, etc doesnt give me confidence and points to what many will see as a negative... youthful inexperience.

Hey, it's tough out there for a moderate. At least, he is out there. More power to him and good luck. Have fun storming the castle.

Brian Clarey

I absolutely agree. Shell is maintaining a public presence, for better or worse. And he uses so much free new media that $1,000 in his hands is like $3,000 in another candidate's.
He hasn't won my vote as of yet, but I know who he is and what he's up to. Guy Facebooks the hell out of you.

A. Bulluck

I suppose now that he didn't leave District 2, District 2 left him? Is he running as an orphan?


He speaks, but follows my comments with "And hey, is there really a need to continue going round and round here?" I think that means, "I'm not going to talk about it anymore. At least not to you." And he is moderating comments now.

I guess we'll know how effective his campaign has been on October 6.

Fec the Jihadist

He's been deleting my comments for months. Nice spanking, jw.

Ed Cone

Well, you've elicited some fresh info, JW -- he says he's received a grand total of $50 from attending the GOP events.

Roger Greene

I always got the impression from his blog entries and responses there prior to running for office that Greensboro's biggest problem was negative comments and criticism of our leadership. That pretty much disqualified him from consideration as a viable candidate in my eyes. Heck, in effect he pretty much blamed Greensboro's problems on blogs and commenters IMO.


Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. And sometimes, everyone is looking. So if you know something is the right thing for you to do, but you delay or don't do it because you're more concerned that people have a certain impression of you, even if it's not the truth, then you're being fake and calculated.

On the other hand, if you do the right thing, and you happen to be running for political office, then some people may get really messed up by the fact that you're not playing politics as usual. And the conspiracy theorists among them will have a field day. ;)

Integrity says: Do the right thing anyway.


Integrity is also doing what you say you'll do.

Of course one can have a change of mind, even a change of heart. But when someone changes so often in a relatively short amount of time, one wonders where the person is coming from and if they can be counted on.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder what's going on. In fact, I would WELCOME a conspiracy. At least I'd know a few people were thinking this through rather than one person popping about willy-nilly.


And for the record, I know of no one with greater integrity than you, cm, so I suspect you'd be a good judge of who is acting with integrity.

Ryan Shell

JW, or anyone. My cell phone number is 336.345.4646 and I welcome your call if you want to continue to question me or have doubts. I'll also be happy to meet with you to chat.



"Integrity is also doing what you say you'll do."

I agree that following through on your word is an important part of having integrity. But for me, there has to be some grace in there somewhere. And common sense, too. If a friend has committed to traveling a certain road, but then has discovered that he is actually headed in the wrong direction, does it show more or less integrity for him to choose to turn and take the right path?

I just know that I'm more inclined to support someone who does what seems right than someone who does what seems politically expedient. That's my two cents. FWIW.


Just saw your other comment, JW. Thank you. That's very kind.


For me, it's never been about what's politically expedient. It's about trying to figure out what Ryan, other candidates as well, stands for.

"Seems." Apparently things aren't always as they seem.

I'm wondering now why Ryan wants to have conversations in private after using blogs, Facebook, etc. for getting his word out.

David Hoggard

My thoughts exactly Janet.

A candidate who chooses to live by the blog, should die by the blog.

One on one conversations are best; of this there is no doubt. But if one creates a perception problem through any particular form of communication, they should assuage, or correct, that problem through the medium first utilized.

Ryan, to my mind you have created a victim of yourself. Two changes of mind (District/At Large - Dem/Rep) in rapid succession indicates a lack of focus and - sorry to say - a proclivity towards political expediency.

I tend to vote for those who have proven themselves to my satisfaction in the public arena, so you didn't lose my vote (never had it). But I admire you.

Keep running and do the best you can.

Get truly involved once this election is over - not only on the streets - but in the mundane and myriad committee meetings where the real work gets done for the city. Get on a board and learn how things work. (ex. Joel Landau)

I just might vote for you in two years' time... if I'm not running against you.


"JW, or anyone. My cell phone number is 336.345.4646 and I welcome your call if you want to continue to question me or have doubts. I'll also be happy to meet with you to chat. "

Ryan, I'm curious as to how many people have taken you up on that offer, 2 days and 112+ blog posts after you first made it?

Tony Wilkins

cm, if I read you right Ryan was "fake and calculated" prior to the party change. How would one know when he would be "fake and calculated" again?


Tony, I'm not sure how you got that from what I wrote. But anyway, my earlier comments pretty much cover my public thoughts on the subject. ;)


Ryan, you screwed up. It sounds as if you did what you felt you had to do and that is all well and good. You handled it poorly and it makes you look worse for the mistake. Good luck.

One thing has been eating at me a bit.... Did you give the Republican lady her $50 back? Seems to me you should.

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