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Jul 22, 2009


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Sir, if you have not been outraged by the last decade of BS surrounding this town, the race baiting politicians, and this building, then you are certifiably damaged. Just kidding, I appreciate your blog, but do you really have to ask why when it comes to this museum thing?


Btw, the post you linked to from Guarino: You can not treat the cops, who are doing a damn good job at protecting your property, with such disrespect and then cry about how unfairly you were treated. I think most people are familiar with a story about me and a black greensboro officer named Blake. In short, he was pulling a friend out of the car and when we asked why, he was silent. I called him a fu----g nazi and was taken to jail because I did not carry ID. I do not think Blake was being racist, he was dishing out the same BS I gave him and up until the last year or so, I had much respect for Blake. This man called his local police racist for asking him to ID himself after he was found at the seen of a reported break in. He got what he deserved and the charges should not have been dropped.

Ed Cone

Yeah, it was a sincere question about the museum. I understand the complexities, and have opined on them in the past when money was on the line. But in the end, we'll get a museum dedicated to a worthy subject, in a good place, and that seems to me like reason to be happy.

I'm very appreciative of the work police officers do, but that does not give them unlimited powers. In Prof. Gates's version of the story, things are not quite so simple.


I have visited the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and found it a very moving experience. It has a more powerful background than the GSO version, but I expect this one to be well worth seeing. I was at a loss to explain to my son (then about 12) what it was like in the times depicted. But I think he got some sense of it from the exhibits.

Watching him and an African-American friend explore that space together was something I'll never forget.

Jeffrey Sykes

@Ed:"I just can't quite figure out the purpose."

Maybe because some people believe if Carolyn Coleman wants a place to sip wine she should raise the money herself and not use public money.

It's really not hard to figure out.

Ed Cone

Well, you've got the sneering tone down pat. I don't get the Carolyn Coleman reference, though.

How much of the project will end up being paid for with public funds? Do you object to all public funding for museums and historical sites?

Jeffrey Sykes

Ed: A little sensitive these days, aren't you? You are the king of sneering tone. That's where I learned it from.

Recall CC's admonishment to Billy Yow from a few years back on funding for the museum. I think she put him down for being a workingman and not understanding that some people want a nice place to sip wine after work, as opposed to drilling wells all day and drinking gatorade.

I think they were debating the use of CDBG money for the project soon after voters rejected the bond issue.

As to your last questions, I just oppose this project because I am a racist like Sam and Joe. We're waiting for Coon to come over so we can show him our sheets and Bibles.

Ed Cone

Nah, I'm my usual callous self, thanks. Just curious about the stuff I asked about, including whether or not you oppose all public funding for museums and historic sites.

Fec the Terrible

Suffer not oafs from Reidsville.

Tony Wilkins

Jeffrey, extremely liberal and complex Ed (as opposed to the poor and simple ConvergeRIGHT guys) is convinced that the (R) indicating party affiliation stands for (R)acist.
His ability to assign a remark to be "racist" in nature when it's not is uncanny (see News & Racial for more details). EC is the final judge and jury as to the determination of racialness. I belive he can sniff it. He does, he actual sniffs racialness. Ed should have his own TV show, "Sniffin' Out Racialness Y'all".
Some would have you believe we've never left the 60's.
And btw, he can also sniff out good food.

Ed Cone

If I thought they were racists, I would not have written that I did not think they were racists, or asked why they wrote these posts they way they did.

You're crying victim, yet again, while ignoring what was actually written.

(Tony, I realize you're trying to build solidarity among the eternally put-upon, but you are the only one I called "simple." And I called you simple because you kept writing something about me that was illogical and flat-out untrue, which made you look kind of simple.)

Meanwhile, the question about those posts is still on the table, as is the question to Jeff about public funding for museums and historical sites.


It is cerebralsclerosis, a simple-mindedness, the kind that imposes as its first reaction to an idea a filter that immediately divides things into one of only two camps. It is a stunted way of thinking that, unfortunately, affects some otherwise nice people. There is no room for nuance or complexity. There is no willingness to hold two seemingly competing ideas simultaneously while contemplating where they may have some agreement.

It is cerebralsclerosis, a head so hardened by allegiance to ideology that there are no shades of gray, there is no possibility that something objectionably for some reasons also has benefits for another set of reasons. Instead, things are immediately shuffled into long-ago decided and never-to-change categories of acceptable or objectionable and the classification itself becomes the argument in defense of why it belongs in that category, a circular argument immune from logic.

Ed Cone

The case in question does seem to fit the diagnosis.

I knocked a couple of the ideas Ryan Shell posted at his campaign website.

Tony started saying that this was because Ryan is a Republican, or as he put it, Ryan has an R next to his name.

Any actual critiques of Ryan's ideas seemed beside the point, as was the fact that I praised other ideas offered by Ryan, and have been helping him a bit with his online campaign, and have been critiquing the web campaigns of Democrats and Libertarians as well back to the very first campaign weblog in history, and, for that matter, that in the non-partisan Council race, Ryan does not actually have an R next to his name.

So, yeah, I called Tony simple for acting so simple.

I hope you know I did it with love, Tony, and I'll buy you a tongue taco if I hurt your feelings. ("Buy you a tongue taco" sounds a little pervy, but really, people, it's not.)

And now the answer to "why do these people who I think aren't racists choose to write about racially-tinged stories in such sneering tones?" must be, "you think they are racists!"

It's frustrating. I know we can do better than this.

Fec the Terrible

Cerebral sclerosis is an organic disease from which none of our hard right friends suffer. NPR had a good piece yesterday on why the Birthers persist in spite of irrefutable evidence. This probably answers Ed's question of why the GOP is so beholden to the banksters.

Notice how when you go out of your way not to call them names, they bring up names they were called in the past.

That's your tongue taco.

Doug H

Fec, I didn't get from the link an explanation of why the Birthers persist, just that they are. Can you clarify?

Also, if I understand Roch and Ed, it sounds like "our hard right friends" DO suffer from CS. I could use help understanding your point.

Sorry if I'm a little dense.

Fec the Terrible

The story has better legs than I thought.

I'm simply contending there's nothing physically wrong with these folks. In the case of the birthers, they're angry, they've been angry for a while and they're grasping at straws.

You're not dense for missing a reason none of us can find.

Ed Cone

Is this picture of Obama with a bone thru his nose racist?

If not, at what point does playing to racist stereotypes while claiming it's all in fun even though you are trying to make a serious political point become functionally equivalent to actual racism?


Hmmm I couldn't find that pic on Guarino's blog.

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