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Apr 17, 2009


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So basically the news and record is restructuring themselves to be the penny saver?

bill bush

We didn't renew our subscription this time. Why bother? There is no investigative reporting, the city and county governments are covered like a social gathering, and they must have lost their map to Raleigh.

Joe Killian

Do continued layoffs make us a stronger paper?

Of course not.

But there's still good work being done here by good people.

Mark Binker, our Raleigh reporter, files more stories at this paper than anyone. It's April 17 and he has 16 by-lines so far this month, with stories on everything from the budget nightmare to sex ed bills and legislation of car loan practices that may affect the state and local economies.

If you think he's lost his map to Raleigh your glasses need stronger lenses.

Jeffrey Sykes

Joe: What were the positions cut? I don't need names, but would like to know reporter vs. editor cuts.


Killian beat me to it, but Mark Binker smothers Raleigh -- at least what I see online.

Joe Killian

The man's a machine. Also, a hell of a nice guy.

I'm not sure what I'd be justified in saying about who or what positions were cut. I also don't know all the circumstances - why people were cut, what their deals were, whether they wanted to go. What I do know I wouldn't share without their permission.

But John Robinson will probably get around to doing a blog post about it one way or another.


Mark Binker's Twitter page:


He's definitely got it covered from what I've seen.

Jeffrey Sykes

"He's definitely got it covered from what I've seen."



Why is this even news? There are businesses in the Triad where layoffs have happened at this level or less that never sees the light of day in the media.

Seems like all it takes is for more than two to be let go at the NR and it makes the paper.

bill bush

OK, I apologize for putting down the Raleigh reporter. I went back over my papers from the last few days and found much more than I remembered seeing when I was composing my inaccurate, wrong, and thoughtless comment this morning. He is doing the job. I suppose when I read some things, I just expect to see pictures with Bozo hats on some of the participants based on their reported actions. Today, however, I must don the bonnet of humiliation.
But really, will cutting back on news people help? Isn't it a NEWSpaper? The failing model of giving away the content on the net seems to me to be a management issue. And haven't I read about some over-leveraged owners wanting 20% profits from an 8% industry?
There is an enormous humor market the N&R is failing to capitalize on, though. A subtitled video of any of Guilford's local government groups would attract Colbert and Stewart's crowd. There is a wealth of possibiities.
The local focus would be the paper's best shot, because no one else will do it. What about a regular trackdown of one of last year's stories? "Whatever became of X"?
I never thought I'd let my subscription go, but out here in the boonies I have to get it in the mail. Some days I do, and some days I don't. That helped push me to the net.
I'll stand by the lack of investigative work, though. I think that is part of the philosophy of leadership, maybe?
Again, I do regret and apologize for unjustly putting down Mark Binker. I shall be more judicious and thoughtful in the future.

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